Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith

Texas' New Voter ID Laws May Roll Back Women's Voting Rights

The potential for minority suppression is well-documented, but many women are also going to face trouble at the ballot box. And the trouble's only just begun.

Don't Think Abortion is Under Attack?

The Roberts-led Supreme Court is wading back into reproductive rights this term, just as anti-abortion legislation is ramping up. Think abortion access is guaranteed? Think again.

Millennials Are Tackling Climate Change — So Why Haven't Boomers Noticed?

How so-called millennial "slacktivists" are actually turning the tide on climate change.

Unlike Maureen Dowd, This Young Feminist Doesn't Think Men Are Obsolete

We've come a long way, baby. So why are we still talking about the end of men?

'The Newsroom' Doesn't Have a Woman Problem

We do.

Feminism's Biggest Challenge: What the Heck Is Feminism?

#Solidarityisforwhitewomen proved that there are still real factions within the feminist movement, but can we be both more inclusive and more politically coherent as a movement?

3 Women’s Issue Stories I’m Tired Of Reading

The stories about women that we need to stop writing.

Democrats Claire McCaskill and Kirstin Gillibrand Clash Over Sexual Assault in the Military

What happens when two female Democratic senators, both darlings of the women's movement, find themselves on opposite sides of sexual assault in the military?

What is ENDA, and Why Does It Matter?

The fight over employment non-discrimination for LGBT employees would be no small victory for the movement, and something both Republicans and Democrats could get behind.

Meet the New Union Members: Fast Food Workers and Car Washers

As fast food workers strike in at least six major cities, will they be able to successfully negotiate for a living wage? Precedent says no.

8 Things You Never Knew About Betsy Ross

Everyone knows Betsy Ross as the mastermind of the first American flag, but here are eight things you may not know about her.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: "People’s Filibuster" Kills Texas Anti-Abortion Bill

State Senator Wendy Davis and protesters from across the state united to defeat an anti-abortion bill, which would have closed nearly all abortion clinics in Texas.

Obama Plan B: Ruling Against Pill Age Restrictions Sparks Criticism From Laura Ingraham

Fox once again proved that social conservatism is little more than a tag line by criticizing the administration's decision to drop age restrictions on emergency contraception.

Immigration Reform 2013: Once Again, Republicans Miss the Memo

With the passage of Rep. Steve King's amendment, Republicans have shown they still haven't learned the lessons of 2012.

Mississippi Governor: Blame Working Moms For America's Failing Education System

Are working mothers really the biggest problem facing our education system?


Can Radical Islam Be Cured By Science?

A neuroscientist has said religious fundamentalism could be treated as a mental disorder, but practically speaking, what would this mean?

Does Facebook "Like" Women?

It took public shaming and 15 companies pulling ad revenue to convince Facebook that protecting the hundreds of millions of women who use their site daily should be a priority.