Johnathen Duran
Johnathen Duran

A Street Artist Weepz For 5Pointz

Years of the world's most soulful graffiti was whitewashed today.


One of the Most Powerful Protests in the History of Immigration Reform

Nine undocumented activists were detained after they entered a border crossing to protest President Obama's deportation machine. Here's how you can help the Dream 9 and #BringThemHome.

These Heroic Students Are Standing Up to Rick Scott Against Stand Your Ground Laws

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin won't end with the absurd proclamation that George Zimmerman was right to kill an unarmed teenager. The Dream Defenders are fighting to end 'Stand Your Ground.'

Immigration Reform 2013: The Newest Way to Keep Immigrants Out? Drones Near the Border

US Customs and Border Patrol seeks to weaponize drones with 100-mile access into US territory. Everyone shudders with excitement and terror at the thought.

Local Control Funding Formula: Law Gives California's Students the Money They Need

Three short weeks after Students For Education Reform stormed the California State Capitol to support Gov. Brown's Local Control Funding Formula, they stand beside him as he signs it into law.

Immigration Reform 2013: Undocumented Students Fight For the Trust Act in California

Undocumented youth, part of a caravan organized by the National Day Labor Organizing Network, are holding a sit-in inside Gov. Brown's office, demanding he sign the Trust Act.


Meet the California Students Who Stormed the State Capitol to Demand Funding For Their Futures

On Monday, 22 students from colleges across California staged a silent protest to lobby for legislation which could help local schools fund their futures.

Texas Escort Murdered: Killer Ezekiel Gilbert Set Free After Murdering Escort Who Refused Him Sex

Ezekiel Gilbert, who murdered an escort for refusing him sex, has been released by a Texas jury because his $150 was worth more than her life. Go Texas!

10 Graphs Prove American English Is Like a Bunch Of Different Foreign Languages

The way you speak is probably right, but it's probably not right. Confused? Don't be. It depends on where you live, and here are graphs that show the different pronunciations of the U.S.

"Men Of Honor" VSU: Another Hazing Incident Goes Tragically Wrong, Kills 2

A recent Virginia State University secret society hazing ritual resulted in the death of two and the arrest of four, for a total of six lives destroyed.

5Pointz: A (Hopefully) Premature Obituary

World famous graffiti mecca to be torn down in New York to make more room for more rich people places. Go, New York!


Immigration Reform 2013: Hundreds Of Men, Women, and Children Die Trying to Immigrate Each Year

Migrant deaths are up as border crossings continue to be increasingly perilous. Solutions are needed to solve this humanitarian crisis.

An Open Letter to Abercrombie and Fitch from a Formerly Homeless Kid

A former homeless youth and current PM Pundit gives his take on the loathsome #FitchTheHomeless campaign.

Obama Made $51 Billion On the Backs Of Broke College Students

While students suffer under crushing debt, a possible economic destabalizer, President Obama and the department of education are raking in billions in loan repayments. Fair or Fail?

Immigration Reform 2013: Bill Or No Bill, America Will Still Have a Farm Labor Crisis

The Gang of Eight's immigration bill allows for future farm workers, but industry experts say it won't be enough to satiate the need for farm labor, so solutions must be found.

Immigration Reform 2013: 10 Powerful Representations Of Immigrants in Pop Culture

A look at the history of powerful images and ideas associated with immigration throughout history. How do you see immigrants? Could one of these be coloring your view?


Immigration Reform 2013: 85% Of Undocumented Latinos Have Family in the U.S.

A recent poll shows the vast majority of Latino's without documentation have family in the U.S., including children and spouses.

Find Out How Poorly America is Performing On the "Misery Index"

The Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund released the TANF Misery Index, showing how miserable the poor have it across America.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Critical Pro-Immigrant Bill, the TRUST Act, Gains Traction in California

At the California Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing, despite opposition from the California State Sheriff's Association, the TRUST Act got out of committee.

5 Amazing Graffiti-Inspired Artists You Have to See

Graffiti got big and with international recognition comes influence. Check this list of dope artists from the 80s to today who were or are influenced by graffiti.