Kiki Van Son
Kiki Van Son

Charles Ramsey YouTube: We're Laughing With Him, Not At Him

Our latest obsession is our apparently immoral reaction to Charles Ramsey's hilarious post-rescue interviews. But this focus on the reaction to Ramsay's comments is the real problem.


Rep. Dennis Johnson Apologizes For "Jew Me Down" Slur

Dennis Johnson has apologized for perpetuating the stereotype that Jewish people are stingy, but will he keep his promise that he'll never make a comment like this again?

ADHD 'Epidemic' is Actually a Byproduct Of Modern Life

Mounting ADHD diagnoses suggest medication is not the answer to our technologically saturated and changing times.

Good Friday 2013: To Sin and Repent Right Before Easter

Christians are coming together and showing their devotion to God in ways many of us don’t understand during Easter weekend.

Marijuana Legalization: Marijuana Super PAC is Trying to Make Legalization a National Thing

Two brothers have launched the country’s first pro-marijuana super PAC in order to combat federal prohibition of medical and recreational cannabis use.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: GOP Opposes It, Exposing Hypocrisy Of Pro-Life Movement

A bill that grants safety accommodations to pregnant woman in the workplace is disputed by those who so fervently claim to value the life and health of an unborn child.

Abortion Laws: Northern Ireland Women Risk Imprisonment For Using Abortion Pills

A letter signed by over 100 women who bought pills over the internet to induce abortions could have serious consequences in a province where abortion is illegal.

CERN Hadron Collider Has Scientist On the Verge Of Locating 'God Particle'

Scientists are almost certain they've found the Higgs boson, a particle that's thought to transfer mass to matter, and the answer to why matter has mass in the first place.

NYC Mayoral Race: Christine Quinn Could Become New York's First Lesbian Mayor

Nearing 40% in the polls, Christine Quinn seems to be on an unstoppable path to winning New York's mayorship in 2013. Can she be beaten?

Pope Resigns: Did a Money Laundering Scheme Force Benedict XVI to Step Down?

Last year, JPMorgan closed a bank account held by the Vatican over suspicions that the city-state was engaged in money-laundering.