Molly Spaeth
Molly Spaeth

5 Reasons We Need a Millennial Senator

Lifting the age requirement for public service will change the world for the better. Let's elect a millennial senator.

Meet the Millennial Women Who Could Shake Up Computer Science Forever

The lack of women in computer science is not only an issue of gender equality but also an issue of economic competitiveness. Meet the women who are working to change that.

'Everyday Sexism' Project Launches in USA to Give Women a Voice

UK-based Laura Bates brings the "Everyday Sexism" project to the US in hopes of ending the culture of normalization that allows sexism to continue openly and publicly in society.

How I Learned to Love America

The attacks on Boston shouldn't shake America's faith in humanity. We are the children of a revolution.

Dear Harry Reid, a Woman's Place is in the House and Senate, Not a Checkbox

The phrase "women's issues" is detrimental to humanity. When will we accept issues of particular concern to women as issues that also concern all people?

DOMA and Prop 8: California is No Human Rights Paradise

You probably never thought you'd see someone compare sunny, welcoming California to frigid North Dakota, but both states have passed laws infringing on human rights. This needs to stop.

CISPA 2013: U.S. Needs Better Rules to Regulate the Internet

The CISPA debate has sparked the discussion on domestic internet norms. Defining parameters for who, what, and how the Internet should be regulated is critical for U.S.'s cyber diplomacy.

Sara Lewkowicz: Internet Should Blame Abusers, Not Those Trying To Help

An amateur photographer at Ohio University has come under intense scrutiny for her photo essay about domestic violence, but the debate over her piece has missed its point entirely.

Free Wi-Fi: Convenient and Crucial For Social Equality

For economic opportunities, education, and more, everyone should have internet access regardless of income, race, or geographical location.