Christine Salek
Christine Salek

5 Things I Learned During My Gap Year

My blissful year away from academia turned out to be different from what I ever could have imagined. Still, it provided me with significant insight on life that I won't soon forget.

"Hysterical Literature" — Videos Of Women Having An Orgasm While Reading Literature

NYC-based filmmaker Clayton Cubitt's video art project explores the culture of sex without being traditionally "sexy" — but what makes it so effective?

More Proof That Comprehensive Sex Education is the Only Kind That Works

Teen pregnancies are down in California, even as the rate of sexually active teenagers remains the same. There's only one logical explanation: comprehensive sex education works

3 Concepts That Have Lost All Meaning in the Texas Abortion Debate

Here are three concepts related to the state's anti-abortion legislation that just don't make sense anymore, thanks to their repeated misuse by Texas GOP legislators.

This Poem By a Texas Woman Just Schooled Anti-Choicers Everywhere

Katie Heim's anti-SB 1 testimony, "If My Vagina Was A Gun" is a must-read that all pro-choice folks will love.

Suzy Favor Hamilton Shouldn't Be Shamed For Turning to Sex Work

Former University of Wisconsin middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton went to the Olympics three times. But after it was revealed she became an escort, she quickly fell from grace.


Another Old Republican Dude Who Doesn't Understand Sexual Harrassment

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) believes sexual harassment at schools has to get so bad that the person can't function, before it is considered a reportable offense.

Transgender Students Now Allowed on the Team (and in the Locker Room)

California took a huge step toward equality by allowing transgender students to join the sport teams, and use the facilities, consistent with their gender identity.

Fallon Fox: This Transgender Fighter's Fellow Athletes Have Her Back — Do You?

Mixed-martial-arts fighter Fallon Fox underwent gender-reassignment surgery and faces everything from legal discrimination to people who refuse to refer to her by the correct pronoun.

5 Books That Would Make Perfect Movies

These five books that would make awesome movies — if only production companies would get the memo!

10 Reasons These Pro-Choicers #Stand4Life

You don't have to want to outlaw abortion to #Stand4Life. Here are ten people who believe that the key to standing for life is ensuring that women and families have access to basic life needs.

9 Gender and Sexuality Acronyms You Should Learn

QUILTBAG? You mean a quilted bag, or a bag in which someone carries quilting supplies?

National HIV Testing Day is June 27

Even if you're pretty sure you don't have HIV ... go get tested.

10 Of the Most Highly Rated #PaulaDeenTVShows

After Paula Deen admitted to using racial slurs and throwing a Civil War-themed party, Twitter went to work pretty quickly.

Christian School Kicks Girl Off Football Team After CEO "Prays" About It — What Gives?

According to school CEO Patrick Stuart, "men and women are created equal but different," and after praying about it, he decided "it was the wrong thing to do to allow [a girl] on the team."

Phil Gingrey DOMA: Despite What Gingrey Says, There's No "Best" Kind Of Parenting

Phil Gingrey's comments about traditional gender roles don't just sound silly — they're rooted in harmful and outdated views about the "best" kind of parenting

2013 State Fairs Dates: Schedule For All 50 States

Looking for the dates of your 2013 state fairs? Look no further.

LGBT Activist Hudson Taylor: "If A Player Comes Out In the NFL, the Response Will Be Positive"

LGBT advocate Hudson Taylor started Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people around the world about LGBT issues as they appear in athletics.

Brittney Griner: Black Lesbian Basketball Player Will Model Men's Clothing For Nike

She's already a significant presence on the court, but her newfound self-confidence won't let her stop there.

Cambridge Law Exam Question May Have Gone Into a Bit Too Much Detail

A recent Cambridge exam on criminal law contained a question that may have been a bit too graphic for the average law student. What do you think?