Kai Lin Zhang
Kai Lin Zhang

Awesome Response Female Pilot Gave to Horribly Sexist Passenger

This is 2014, buddy, there's no such thing as "men's work" anymore.


Former Miss Kentucky Comes Out as Queer in Response to Anti-Gay Rhetoric

Beauty queen calls on others to join her in making their voices known.

This Prankster in Yoga Pants Makes Powerful Point About Sexism

"Were you just looking at my butt, bro?"

Solar Eclipse: When and Where to Watch the Annular Eclipse Over Australia On Friday

The annular eclipse happening now, over Western Australia and islands in the Southern Pacific. Watch it live online.

"Sex Superbug" Probably Isn't Coming to U.S., But You Should Still Be Careful With Your Junk

This week, reports of a "superbug" resistant to antibiotics, more deadly than AIDS - are shown to be hyperbole. But we should still pay attention to the crisis of antibiotics abuse in the US.

Why Are Sex Workers Left Out Of the Violence Against Women Conversation?

Feminism is for all women, including sex workers. Let’s make 2013 the year that violence against sex workers finally enters the public consciousness as a human rights issue.


Amina Tyler: Tunisian Girl Outrages Islamic Authority With Nude Facebook Photos

A Tunisian girl faces criminal charges after posting a naked photo of herself on Facebook. Her parents have disowned her and she's been placed in a mental hospital, but she's not backing down.

World MakerFaire 2012: 3D Printing and Open Hardware - Is this really the Future?

3D printing is here, and it's going mainstream. But how viable a "revolution" is it? See the future in action at the World MakerFaire in NYC this weekend (Sept. 29-30, 2012).

Prostitutes Are Heroes in the Fight Against HIV, But Sex Workers Are Banned From AIDS Conference 2012

Over 550 sex workers from 41 countries were denied entry to the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, so they're convening in India for sex worker human rights.

A Homeless Bill of Rights for New York City?

On June 21, Rhode Island passed the Homeless Bill of Rights to protect the population's civil rights. But we need a different approach to eliminate homelessness for good across the nation.

Zombie Apocalypse Uncovered: If It Is Not Bath Salts, It Must Be a Government Conspiracy

Three hypotheses on the cause of new summer cannibalism wave. Are we nearing the zombie apocalypse?