Heather Price-Wright
Heather Price-Wright

MTV VMAs 2013: We Are Not In Biggie's Brooklyn Anymore

This year's MTV Video Music Awards will take place in Brooklyn. But does the Brooklyn the VMA's paying homage to even exist anymore?

8 Great Short Stories to Read During Your Morning Commute

Short stories are the perfect genre for young people: brief but deep and affecting. Here are eight awesome stories by essential writers in the genre.

5 Things No One Tells You About Life After College

Post-graduate life can be an exciting and liberating time, but parts of it are tougher than you expect. No one told me just how hard it might be, so here are five things to look out for.

'The Office' Series Finale: Show That Started Out Awkward Developed a Big Heart

While "The Office" might not be exactly the same prickly, uncomfortable show it started out as, its last episode proves that it grew into a big-hearted comedy about the lives of average people.

5 Wildly Offensive Products That Never Should Have Been Made

Retailers have some good ideas – and some very, very bad ones. In light of yet another Urban Outfitters controversy, here's a look at five offensive products no one should have let happen.

The Bizarre Sleep Habits Of 8 Highly Successful People

Common knowledge tells us most people need about eight hours of sleep a night, but these famous and successful people seem to prove that wisdom wrong with their surprising sleep habits.

Ben and Leslie 'Parks and Rec': TV's Perfect Couple is Rather Dull

Ben and Leslie on 'Parks and Recreation' have the type of relationship that would be wonderful ... in real life. But does a happy couple make for good TV?

5 Things Not to Say to a Depressed Person

Non-depressed people have a hard time talking to depressed people in a way that is supportive rather than patronizing or accusatory. Here are five things you shouldn’t say to a depressed person.

5 Things You’re Bound to Learn in Your 20s

You're finally an adult, but the life lessons are just beginning. These five should be the first that you learn.

Torrington Rape Case: This is Why We Need Statutory Rape Laws

Statutory rape laws are complicated, inconsistent, and hard to enforce. But they're also necessary to protecting young people, and we need further public education about this form of assault.

5 Legendary Writers Share Their Writing Advice

From William Faulkner to Ernest Hemingway, check out what advice the literary greats have to give. Who knows, maybe their words of wisdom will be exactly the inspiration you need.

Has 'Girls' Become Too Dark and Depressing For Viewers?

Audiences grew more and more put off as the second season progressed, with reactions ranging from pity to confusion to disgust as the show’s main characters all shuffled right off the deep end.

Girls Season 2 Finale: Do the Unlovable Deserve to Be Loved?

This season was messier than last, but the finale tied up many loose ends and showed us that every millennial has the right to be loved, even at his or her absolute worst.

'New Girl' Gets Away With Racism — And We Can't Let That Slide in 2013

Incorporating two non-white main characters might seem progressive, but 'New Girl' falls prey to all the same old stereotypes, tropes, and all-out racism we hoped had faded away.

Please God, No More Mr. "Nice Guy"

"Nice Guys," the ones with the axe to grind with every woman who has ever chosen not to sleep with them — aren't nice at all and need a wake-up call.