Diana Chen
Diana Chen

Actually, You Probably WILL Guess Who Stands to Make $100 Billion Off the Keystone XL Pipeline

They're serious about making money, and they're just as serious about keeping it all to themselves.

4 Charts That Prove Millennials Are the Internet Generation

The Pew's recent studies confirm that the internet defines our generation and how we get our news.

Julian Assange Really, Really Hates 'The Fifth Estate'

The Wikileaks Founder pens a letter to Benedict Cumberbatch.

4 Tips For Running a Successful Counterfeiting Sting

In honor of the new, harder-to-fake $100 bill debuting on Tuesday, here are four ways that aspiring counterfeiters can still live the dream.

Apple is Stockpiling Corporate Cash and No One Can Stop Them

Apple's approximately $147 billion cash stockpile raises questions not only about the company's financial practices, but also about its position within the U.S. economy.

What U.S. Policymakers Can Learn From The World's Unhappiest People

Americans who think we can bring happiness to another country by bringing democracy should double-check history — and this survey.


JPMorgan's $11 Billion Settlement is Second Largest Ever in Banking History

JPMorgan needs to wrap up its lawsuit to protect its reputation.

What Happens When China Runs Out Of Land For Its Population? It Buys Part Of Ukraine

No, it's not the punchline to a joke. China is industrializing so rapidly that it's bought a chunk of Ukraine to help keep its population fed. A look at the new trend in international trade.

3 Reasons Why Wall Street Is Glad Summers Is Out — And Why You Should Be Too

Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday when Summers announced his withdrawal from the race to become the next chairman of the Federal Reserve.

A Key Witness in the George Zimmerman Trial Says the Prosecution Threw The Case

Shiping Bao, the medical examiner for the prosecution in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial, says the state was biased against Martin the whole time.

This Texas Sign Company Thinks Domestic Violence is Just Hilarious

This Texas sign company somehow decided that making jokes about domestic violence was A-OK. Thankfully the community is fighting back.

Inside the First Rehab Clinic For Internet Addicts

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) covers a variety of impulse-control issues including cybersex and cyber-relationship addiction, net compulsions, and information overload.

Scientists Grow Human Brain in a Lab — and There Are Terrifying Implications

Scientists have managed to grow, well, more or less a human brain in a jar. This is a massive breakthrough, but there are equally massive ethical questions that come with such awesome power.

15-Year-Old Girl Held As Sex Slave On California Marijuana Farm

While marijuana is thoguht of as harmless, the trade surrounding it is often anything but. We need greater policing of marijuana growers in order to decrease violence.

What Is Quantitative Easing? 4 Things You Need to Know About QE

The Fed is set to make a huge announcement about quantitative easing, which could change the direction of the economy. So what is quantitative easing, anyway?

Mandela May Celebrate His 95th Birthday From Home Thursday

South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, may be leaving the hospital and celebrating his 95th birthday from home on Thursday.

How the Liberal Media Wrote Its Own Doom in the Zimmerman Trial

Conservative media focused on the facts. Liberal media focused on emotion and civil rights. Is it any surprise who predicted the eventual outcome correctly?

Apple Ebook Lawsuit Just Another Vicious Government Power-Grab

Recently, it seems that the United States government has fallen into a coma of sorts through which it has lost all discretion to distinguish good business behavior from bad business behavior.

Eliot Spitzer Comeback: Why Wall Street Should Be Very Afraid

The race for New York City comptroller has begun, and with ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer in the running, Wall Street should be holding on for dear life.

Dear CNN and FOX, the George Zimmerman Trial Is Not the Center Of the Universe

American news has become so U.S. focused that major international events have slipped through the cracks, while cable news focusing solely on George Zimmerman.