Audrey Farber
Audrey Farber

Gay Marriage is Not a Democrat or Liberal Victory, It is an American One

Marriage equality falls along partisan lines, but it shouldn't: What Would the Founding Fathers Do?


Amendment 64 in Colorado: Marijuana Legalization Will Create Jobs and Raise Revenue

Smart Colorado voters from all sides of the aisle voted Tuesday night to establish regulations and tax structures for the legal sale of recreational marijuana with Amendment 64.

Alaska State Polls: Romney Likely to Win, Given Stance on Abortion, Other Issues

Most recent polls put Romney ahead in Alaska, where State Representative Alan Dick wants to require a woman seeking an abortion to get written permission from the man who impregnated her.

Abortions News: How Oregon Attempts to Cut Funding for Abortion Failed

Oregon tried and failed to prevent public funding for abortions to save the life of the mother this year; meanwhile, in California, abortion rights have been secure since Ronald Reagan.

John Koster Rape Thing Comment: Rape and Abortion in Washington and Idaho

Last Sunday, GOP hopeful John Koster added to the deluge of rape-and-abortion comments this election season. But on abortion rights, Washington state remains more liberal than Koster.

Mike Coffman Abortion and Rape Exceptions: Current Abortion Legislation in Colorado

Despite the best efforts of pro-life groups in Colorado, a personhood amendment will not appear on the ballot this November 6. Is the rest of the state focused on 'social issues' like abortion?

Jan Brewer Abortion Ban: Extreme Anti Choice Legislation in Arizona and Utah

In the Four Corners area, Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer has redefined pregnancy and Utah has banned sex-selective abortions, while New Mexico remains focused on its budget over abortion rights.

Abortion Laws: In Wyoming, Government Takes a Libertarian and Hands Off Approach

While there's been a lot of public debate and demonstration about abortion in Wyoming in the past few years, the state's legislature tends to avoid governmental intervention.

Abortion: Why South Dakota Has One of Worst Pro Choice Records in America

Since 2005, the majority of anti-abortion legislation proposed in South Dakota has passed, creating major changes over the last decade when it comes to abortion rights in the state.

Latest Polls: On Gay Marriage Question, Wide Division in Maine, Maryland, Washington, Minnesota

Polling results in four states voting on marriage equality this November demonstrate nationwide divisions on civil rights.

Rick Berg Anti Abortion Bill: In North Dakota, Anti Choice Legislation is the Norm

Former State Representative Rick Berg, currently running for Senate in North Dakota, voted for a bill that would have made abortion akin to homicide. Berg currently leads in the race.

Bob Kerrey Abortion: Susan B Anthony List Ads and Other Anti Choice Efforts in Nebraska

Last week, the Susan B. Anthony List announced that Bob Kerrey's views on abortion were too extreme, but do Kerrey's views really affect abortion legislation in Nebraska?

Obama Wins Foreign Policy Debate Because Romney Was a Bully

Obama wins: Pundits on the TV say because he was more right, I say because he was less mean.

Who Won Presidential Debate (and NLCS Game 7) LIVE: Obama Beats Romney in Basic Manners, not Foreign Policy Debate

What the heck is happening?? Who's winning the baseball game? Follow me right here for the latest and greatest in real-time analysis and critique and drinking instructions. I got this covered.

Abortion Taxes Kansas: Anti Abortion Legislation under Sam Brownback

Three years ago, George Tiller was assassinated in Kansas. Today, under Governor Sam Brownback, the state remains as hostile to abortion providers as ever.

Third Presidential Debate Preview: Obama vs Romney, What to Expect

Attention shifts to the third presidential debate on foreign policy, between Mitt Romney and President Obama at Lynn University in Florida.


Presidential Foreign Policy Debate: What Obama and Romney Must Say About Syria

The longer the U.S. stands by without intervening in Syria, the higher the chance of regional instability. On Monday, Romney and Obama will have to contend with Friday's bombing in Lebanon.

Rand Paul and Abortion Laws in Kentucky: Laws Highlight Anti Choice Stances

Rand Paul has said, "My opponents call me libertarian but I'm pro-life." The senator's views reflect the conservative slant when it comes to abortion in Kentucky.

Oklahoma Defunds Planned Parenthood: State Pushes Anti Choice Legislation, Including Bizarre Bill

Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey introduced a bizarre piece of legislation regarding stem cell research in food preparation. And that's not all when it comes to abortion laws in the state.

Rick Perry Abortion Rules: New Bans on Clinics Affect Reproductive Rights in Texas

Governor Rick Perry's legislative measures when it comes to reproductive rights in Texas have been criticized for allegedly forcing women seeking abortions out of the Lone Star State.