Jordan Ecarma
Jordan Ecarma

Modesty Shaming is the New Slut Shaming

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Science May Be Responsible For the Next 'Twilight'

The next bestselling book series could be crafted by a data system. Will basing books on science kill writers' creativity?

6 Famous Quotes Attributed to the Totally Wrong Person

"To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it's society who’s ugly." — Marilyn Monroe

Your Coffee Addiction is Ruining the Planet

Billions of unrecyclable K-cups are sold each year. Here are some ways to fuel your coffee addition without hurting the environment.

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Meet the Real-Life Power Ranger Keeping Tokyo's Subway Riders Safe

Tadahiro Kanemasu has spent three months helping the elderly, families with children, and those lugging heavy packages in Tokyo subway stations.

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To commemorate "Roar," the empowerment anthem that Katy Perry released today, here are five amazing women who rule today's music scene.

5 Characters Who Prove the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Just Won't Die

Although she may be widely reviled, the manic pixie dream girl is still alive and well, and probably hanging out at your nearest indie record store.

Guess Which Boy Band is Making a Comeback and Fighting Bullying At the Same Time

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The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Breaks New Comedy Ground in Her First Leading Role

Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza's new film, The To Do List, showcases her signature wry, deadpan style.

When a Book Becomes a Movie, Fans Are Never Satisfied

Bestselling books don’t necessarily make hit movies. What will happen when Gillian Flynn’s bestselling thriller, "Gone Girl" makes it to the big screen?

Why Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg Are Two Totally Different Actors

The two actors both rose to fame by playing sweetly awkward nerds. They’re also both writers. But their similitaries end there.