Addison Williams
Addison Williams

Goldman Sachs is Controlling the Price of Your Favorite Beer

Goldman Sachs and other big name firms are controlling the aluminum market, which has resulted in a sharp rise in the price of beer cans and more expensive prices for consumers.


Ohio Same-Sex Couple Granted Right to Be Buried Together

Husbands James Obergefell and John Arthur will now be able to rest in perpetuity together after a recent Ohio hearing, as they rightfully should have been able to do all along.

The "Southern Avenger" is Rand Paul's Social Media Adviser No Longer

Once named the Southern Avenger in South Carolina, senatorial aide Jack Hunter will be leaving DC to return to political punditry. What does this mean for Paul?

Alan Turing Pardoned By the UK For Being Gay, 50 Years Too Late

After being brutally castrated and criminalized, England's brilliant war hero is finally getting the formal apology he's deserved.

Detroit Bankrupt: This Small City Could Teach Detroit How to Deal

If Detroit starts looking to other cities that have dealt with bankruptcy, they'll see that a rejection of federal aid might not be the worst thing.

Voting Rights Act Strikedown Gives North Carolina Power to Suppress Student Vote

College kids vote Democrat? Just eliminate their vote!


Bankrupt Detroit Shouldn't Count On the Government Coming to the Rescue

The federal government is not strong enough to pull Detroit under its wing right now. Instead, the Michigan city must pull together to tackle its overwhelming debt.

How Police Are Tracking Every Place You Drive

Police are now watching you via a myriad of camera programs instead of from behind their windowshield. Is one inherently worse than the other?

The Guardian Has Been Blacklisted By the U.S. Military, and Rightfully So

Censorship is at the core of the military; what did the soldiers expect?

Shark Fin Ban: The Free Market Won't Protect Sharks, So California Has to

Everyone agrees we shouldn't be able to racially segregate private establishments, so why doesn't everyone agree we shouldn't be able to serve population-reducing meals?

Obviously SCOTUS is Impressively Fashion Forward, But Why Robes? And Why Black?

There might be more behind the judicial wardrobe than you think.


Obama Environment Speech: The Debate Over Climate Change is Over, the Plan to Tackle Pollution is Now

From the historic steps of Georgetown University on Tuesday, the President outlined his comprehensive plan to make America more environmentally conscience and innovative.

Voting Rights Act Decision: Roberts Court Joins America's War on Voting

Ruling section 4 (and 5) of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional today showed a disregard for American civil liberties today by the Supreme Court's conservative justices.

This is the Brilliant Move Every Anti-Gay Organization Should Make

Exodus International, which sought to "help" gay Christians become straight, just made a big stride: acceptance, relevance, and progress.

HB 1355 Florida: "Mental Health" Bill Just Another Gun Lobby Distraction

With motivation taken from the cusp of the nation's debate on universal background checks, Florida's HB 1355 might only make the problem worse.

My Scary, Uncomfortable Nazi Wedding

Earlier this week Heath Campbell broke out his cleanest and most suave Nazi regalia to propose to his wife. Romantic? Creepy? Vielleicht auch nur grob.


Edward Snowden Interview: Speaker Boehner Calls Him a "Traitor" On National TV — But is He?

The controversial character and his controversial actions are doomed to only get more polarized and become more of a political football as time goes on. Make up your mind now: hero, or villain?

NSA Phone Records: A Look At the Courts That Let the Feds Tap Our Phones

FISA courts have only rejected 11 government warrant requests throughout their 34 years of existence. And we wonder how our politicians could possibly be getting away with all this spying.

A Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham: Yes, We Bloggers Deserve First Amendment Rights Too

The South Carolina Senator is lead sponsor on a new bill aimed to protect First Amendment rights for all journalists. He is not including bloggers under this category.

Marijuana Legalization: 10 States Where the War On Drugs Has Become the War On Color

Americans continue to spend money on convicting citizens for marijuana possession and use, but how targeted are these convictions?