Adam Samara
Adam Samara

A Grown Man Watches 'Ordinary People' For the First Time

This movie out-performed 'The Shining', 'Caddyshack', and 'Raging Bull' in the box office. It also won the Oscar for Best Picture. Why haven't we heard of it?

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A Grown Man Watches 'The Sound Of Music' For the First Time

A journey through all of the Best Picture Academy Award winners to see if the best films of yore still hold up in 2013.

'All About Eve' is a 1950 Classic With a Distinctly 2013 Edge

'All About Eve' packs a bitchy punch, features Marilyn Monroe's first on screen appearance, and proves the gender wars were raging even back then.

Would This 1946 Oscar Winner Still Win Best Picture Today? Yes

In my quest to become a movie buff, I'm watching and reviewing every Best Picture winner. This week's pick is "Best Years of Our Lives," and the plot would definitely resonate with viewers today.

'It Happened One Night' Might Be a Film Classic, But Is It Actually Good?

In 1934, 'It Happened One Night' took home the Oscar for Best Picture. But would the Clark Gable rom-com still have the chops to compete today?

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A look back at the history of Academy Award winners for Best Picture, one champion at a time.