Carly Pildis
Carly Pildis

Joyce Kamwana Got Fired 25 Years Ago For Being HIV Positive — Now She's an Activist

Her story highlights the power of aid.


If Congress Keeps Messing With Our Birth Control, We'll Make Sure They Lose

Why fighting against copay-free birth control is terrible political strategy.

5 Ways Millennials Are Getting Screwed By the Shutdown

Goodbye, internship! Goodbye, financial aid!

D.C. Gets Trashed: I'm Tired of the Indignity of Living in Our Nation's Capital

Residents of our nation's capital have a lot on their minds during this shutdown. Chief among them: waste removal.

Exxon Made Us Sick: Ann Jarrell is Outraged, And She's Not Alone

Five months after Exxon's Pegasus pipeline spilled oil across her hometown of Mayflower, Ark., Ann Jarrell and her family are getting worse. So what's Exxon doing about it?

House Republicans Propose Cuts That Will Leave Millions of American Children Hungry

SNAP benefits are an effective, efficient safety net for millions of American families so why do Republicans want to cut them?


Africa's Oldest National Park is About to Become An Oil Field

Virunga National Park is home to a variety of ecosystems and a number of endangered animals. It's also where oil company Soco International plans to begin exploratory drilling.

Ireland Admits it Was Wrong on Abortion

A major victory for global women’s rights comes too late to save one Irish woman’s life.

You'll Never Guess Who Just Schooled Congress On Climate Change Denial

If you think that religion abhors science, the answer may surprise you.

Don't Be a Hater Of Two Master Innovators

Jay-Z recently put on a performance with the noted performance artist Marina Abramovic. Does this mean that hip hop's most famous MC has finally won the hearts of the establishment?

Supreme Court DOMA: The Supreme Court Made My Marriage Legal, Too ... In 1967

I will be getting married less than two miles away from the Supreme Court, and Loving v. Virginia won’t be far from my mind.


George Zimmerman Trial: Don't Forget It Nearly Didn't Happen

George Zimmerman's trial for the death of Trayvon Martin commenced this previous week. As the nation watches this case move forward, it shouldn't forget Zimmerman was nearly set scot free.

Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn't Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

We now have proof that Exxon lied about the status of the waterways in Mayflower, Arkansas: Mayflower residents are getting sick.

World Hunger Day: It's Time For Obama to Lead the Fight Against Child Starvation

1 in 4 children across the world are stunted due to inadequate nutrition. It's time for solutions.

Pablo Pantoja: Florida RNC Hispanic Outreach Director a Democrat Now

The RNC is spending heavily to gain minority voters, but can’t convince their own minority outreach staff that the GOP’s culture is inclusive.

Joe Biden Stands Up For D.C. Voting Rights

Thank you, Biden, for making more Americans aware of the gross inequality we are facing in D.C., and for voicing your support for voting rights for every American.


Nate Bell's Boston Marathon Comments Prove He's Unfit For Office

Following last week's tragedy, the politician tweeted, "I wonder how many Boston Liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15." He should resign over this.

I Love That Dirty Water: Boston You're My Home

Today, I am not only proud of being from Boston. I am proud of how Bostonians opened their hearts and homes after the Marathon Bombing.

Rand Paul 2016: GOP Senator Talks to Black Audience, But Should've Listened

The African-American community doesn't need to be told what to think by the GOP. It needs to be heard.

How to End Segregated Proms Once And For All

A simple solution to a national embarrassment.