Billy Buntin
Billy Buntin

The Titan Arm Gives Its Users a Boost Of Super-Strength

The Titan Arm is a breakthrough upper-body exoskeleton developed by a group of students at University of Pennsylvania, which proves Hulk-like super strength to its wearer.

Motorola Teams Up With Phoneblok For Project Ara, the Ultimate Phone Platform

Each device has an endoskeleton that holds the different components together; the rest is up to you. The Sky's the limit when mixing and matching these modules, for genuine phone customization.

Here's Proof That Cable Should Be Afraid Of Netflix

The company has hooked viewers by taking a successful gamble on its Emmy-winning original series "House of Cards."

Google Doodle Today Honors Celia Cruz — the Queen of Salsa

Celia Cruz would headline concerts at New York's Carnegie Hall, tour Europe and Latin America, and collaborate with music heavyweights in Latin and crossover genres.

Real Life Snake On a Plane? Samuel L. Jackson Responds

Department of Agriculture is looking into how the snake came to be on the plane. But a known expert on the subject of snakes, actor Samuel L. Jackson was visibly agitated, and made a statement.

Dante de Blasio and the 10 Greatest Afros Of All Time

Dante de Blasio sports a large and truly impressive afro, which the media has been obsessed with since Dante appeared in his father Bill de Blasio's campaign ad for NYC mayor.

Aeroscraft: Holy Crap! Blimps Might Actually Be Good For Something!

Perhaps the most meaningful innovation is in Aeroscraft’s ability to ascend and descend vertically like a helicopter, but haul up to 250 tons of cargo!

10 Works That Prove Art Conquers War

As the drumbeat of war starts to build toward a possible U.S.-led strike in Syria, it is important to remember the powerful art that has emerged throughout times of war.

5 Coolest New Technologies About to Tackle the NFL

From billion dollar stadiums, to fan experience on TV and radio, to the focus on player health … Here are the top five new technologies to watch for in the coming NFL seasons

Samsung Announcement: Will Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Be the Next Big Thing?

As Samsung seems poised to unveil its new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at its Unpacked 2013 event in Berlin today, we may be on the cusp of a new tech industry boom.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: Brace Yourself, Really Smart Watches Are Coming

Wearable tech is the next generation for gadgets, and watches are the front running player. If Google and Apple throw their hats into the smartwatch ring, expect some amazing technology.

4 Ways Technology Transformed the March on Washington — But Not Necessarily for the Better

Even the most optimistic studies show that online activism efforts like petitions, "likes," and e-sharing require offline follow-up action to have real value.

Would You Bang This Robot?

What makes Roxxxy notable is that the real goal is to provide robotic companionship. "The life experience with a partner goes beyond" sex, says its creator.

5 Pieces Of Wearable Technology That Are Actually Useful

Wearable tech isn't just a vanity project. These five devices do everything from giving you social cues to telling your parents when you've pooped in your diaper.

Hangover-Free Beer Has Been Invented, and It Sounds Awful

There is something unsavory about eliminating even the more simple discomforts of life, like a benign weekend hangover.

Riley Cooper Can't Use the N-Word — But Can Anybody?

Some of the present day controversies simply around words and outbursts are distractions from other, more challenging and substantive fights for racial justice.

Elon Musk Claims Tesla Can Get You From NYC to LA in 45 Minutes

His proposed Hyperloop has been called a cross between a Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table ... and that’s about accurate.

Trayvon Martin Protests Go Viral Online — Here's How You Can Join

I'm dismayed by the Zimmerman verdict but always excited about the positive potential that tech holds, in helping us create a more just society.

5 Places You Can Learn Ridiculously Cool Stuff For Free

You don't need a formal lesson plan or the promise of a degree to learn exciting and useful things ... or even advance your career. Here are my favorite five places to learn stuff.

Facebook Reader: If It's Not Like Google Reader Or RSS, What is It?

While Facebook has confirmed a development effort to aggregate and improve their mobile news feed, it seems that it will not be jumping into the RSS game.