William Smith
William Smith

Ender's Game Boycott Isn't Making a Difference For Gay Rights — Here's Why

With several recent high-profile boycotts, now is the perfect time to reflect on their effectiveness.


Marijuana Legalization in Mexico City is the First Step

Fed up with the violence associated with the drug war, several politicians in Mexico City are hoping decriminalization will work better. But marijuana legalization is the real goal.

Pitbull Has a New Pet Cause: Charter Schools

Armando Christian Perez, better known to music lovers and clubgoers as Pitbull, proclaimed his support for charter schools at the National Charter Schools Conference on Monday.

5 Reasons Obama's Approval Rating Just Dropped 8 Points

NSA, Verizon, Department of Justice, IRS, Benghazi; this seemingly never-ending string of scandals is responsible for a massive drop in the President's approval rating.

Marijuana Legalization: Scientists Want More Access to Pot For Research, and Most Millennials Agree

A British neuropsychopharmacology professor is the latest medical professional to advocate improving researchers' access to marijuana to study its potential therapeutic properties.

Sarah Murnaghan: Judge Michael Baylson May Have Just Saved Little Girl's Life

Ten-year-old cystic fibrosis patient Sarah Murnaghan's chances for a longer life improved when Judge Michael Baylson ordered Kathleen Sibelius to move her up on the organ transplant wait list.

This Woman is Going On a No Food, No Water Diet — Because That's a Thing

Seattle resident and "Breatharian" Navenna Shine is attempting to livestream her six-month fast to prove that people can survive on an internal life source.

Google Nutrition: Because It's Not Useful Enough Yet, Google Will Now Help You Eat Healthy

On Thursday, Google released a new service which automatically brings up nutrition information for over 1,000 foods and dishes with search results.

Massachusetts Welfare Audit: Don't Be Shocked When Huge Welfare Systems Get Abused

A recent investigation into Massachusetts' Department of Transitional Assistance found $18 million in dubious benefit payouts and other instances of fraud and negligence over the past few years.

Helen Mirren: Actress Has Tea With Dying Boy After Queen Declines His Request

After his wish to have tea with Queen Elizabeth II was rejected by the Queen, Dame Helen Mirren, professional portrayer of Elizabeth II, stepped in to save the day.

'Preachers' Daughters' Reality Show: Proof We Need to Move Beyond the Abstinence-Only Approach

The anxiety, shame, confusion, and hostility experienced by this reality show's female characters are very real effects of the pro-abstinence movement.

D.C.'s Overpriced, Mediocre Sandwich Shops Have Had It With Food Trucks

Recently proposed regulations on where and how D.C.'s food trucks can serve food threaten to kill the thriving industry. Fortunately, food truck supporters are fighting back.

Immigration Reform 2013: MSNBC Host Touré Announces Support For Open Borders

Co-host of MSNBC show The Cycle gives three reasons why he's supporting open borders — and is right on all three accounts.

Happiness Study: Money, Sex, and Alcohol Are the Keys After All

Two recently released studies offer insight into the causes of happiness: one rejects old wisdom about the link between income and happiness; the other finds sex and partying to be most fun.

Contactually Study Finds a Correlation Between Rudeness and Productivity

Employees of business platform company Contactually analyzed millions of emails and found that people who write rude emails respond more often than those who write with an upbeat tone.

Immigration Reform 2013: If We Are Serious About Creating Wealth, We Will Open the Borders

Immigration is a hot topic right now, and in contrast to the compromising Gang of Eight's proposal, several economists and other scholars are advocating open borders.


Frank Luntz: Prominent GOP Strategist Blasts Conservative Talk Radio

GOP strategist Frank Luntz can be heard criticizing conservative talk radio hosts in a discussion on the Republican Party's image crisis after being secretly recorded by a student.

Boston Bombings: Should the State Pay for Victims' Medical Expenses?

Thanks to Romneycare, victims of the Boston Marathon bombing will be partially covered for their health care expenses, but the evidence on the program's overall benefits to taxpayers is mixed.

Boston Bombing: Can Redditors Track Down the Boston Bomber?

Users of popular social news site Reddit have embarked upon a quest to identify likely suspects in the Boston bombing case.

Nahmad Family Art Gallery Raided By FBI

A prestigious art gallery in New York City was raided by the FBI early Tuesday after an indictment accusing the owners of criminal activity was released.