Hitting the Debt Ceiling Deadline is All Part of Republican's Deranged Plan

The country is on the brink of an economic catastrophe. The debt ceiling deadline is around the corner, all because Tea Party activists are trying to derail Obama's presidency.


GOP Willingness to Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage is Bad News For Millennials

If the House Republicans decide not to raise the debt ceiling, the economy would be devastated. A wrecked economy would create more joblessness among millennials.

Syrian Civil War Is Too Complex For U.S. Involvement

Because of the complexity of the situation in Syria, Obama should disregard the suggestions of Senators McCain and Graham. Instead, the president should follow a more prudent course.

Is the Death Penalty On Its Way Out?

The use of the death penalty is going down. New Jersey and Illinois abolished the practice. It is highly likely that more states will continue to ban the death penalty in the future.

Why Whites Commit Crimes, But Blacks Are Criminals

Most crimes committed against whites are perpetrated by other whites. Yet, most white Americans believe that they are far more likely to fall victims to black violence.

Lance Armstrong Tour De France: Does Anyone Care Now That He’s Banned for Life?

Lance Armstrong was a hero for a long time. After his doping confessions, Armstrong became a villain. Now, it seems that most of the public no longer pays attention to him.


Nelson Mandela Death: Mandela, A Hero Who Ranks Alongside Gandhi and King

Because of his success and the profound sacrifices that he made in fighting against Apartheid, Nelson Mandela secures his place alongside Gandhi and King as a transformational freedom fighter.

George Zimmerman Trial: The Evidence Points Toward a Guilty Verdict

Taking into account all the incriminating evidence against Zimmerman, it would be highly unlikely that the trial would result in an acquittal.

Phil Jackson Finally Compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Find Out Who Wins.

In his new book, Phil Jackson finally compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Unsurprisingly, Jackson determined that Kobe failed short to the standards that Jordan had set while playing.

White House Scandals: Republicans Use Manufactured Scandals to Smear Obama

Despite repeated claims by conservatives, the evidence indicated that Benghazi and the AP investigations are manufactured scandals and there is no White House involvement in the IRS story.

Immigration Reform 2013: Here's How the Tea Party Will Kill It

Republicans will vote 'no' on immigration reform claiming lax border security when in reality they'll be trying to protect their red state sits from Tea Party primary challengers.


April Job Numbers: How They Would Have Been Even Better

The economy has been improving steadily. But the unemployment outlook would have been even brighter if conservative legislators were not determined to foist austerity policies on the government.

Chris Christie Gun Control: Why the New Jersey Governor Decided to Support It

Northern voters appear ready to punish politicians who do not support tougher gun control measures. Republicans like Pat Toomey and Chris Christie are taking notice.

Boston Bombing Heroes: This is Who They Were

Those who run toward the explosion, not from it, to help those in need, are our real-life heroes because of their ultimate sacrifice.

Kobe Bryant Injury: Is This the End Of Black Mamba's Career?

In the post-Michael Jordan era, Kobe Bryant should be regarded as the most dominant player because no other has so dominated the game and won so many championships. However, that's not the case.

Lance Armstrong Cyclist: Will He Ever Be Allowed in Sports Again?

Because of his long history of doping, officials at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency made the right decision by banning Armstrong because leniency would send the wrong signal to other athletes.


Immigration Reform 2013: Will Republicans Kill or Embrace the Bill?

Republicans need to improve their image among Latinos. If they embrace the immigration bill, it would help the party's image. But if they kill it, the image of party could be irreparably harmed.

New York Minimum Wage Law: Lessons For the Rest Of the Nation

Republicans lawmakers in New York reached a deal with the Democratic governor to increase the minimum wage. Republicans in Congress would be well advised to follow their example.

South Carolina Election Results: Can Mark Sanford Win?

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch won the Democratic primary in a landslide, but disgraced former Gov. Mark Sanford is still the favorite to win the general election.

Paul Ryan Medicare Plan Will Infuriate Older Voters

The Republican base is already shrinking even with strong support among older voters. Without the backing of these voters, the Republican Party would be even more marginalized.