Dina Pérez
Dina Pérez

The Rock Star Pope Is Also the Millennial Pope

Regardless of our religious affiliation or lack thereof.


Bradley Manning Protests Go Global As His Trial Verdict Nears

Protests for Manning were held in London, Frankfurt, and across the U.S.

Anthony Weiner Poll: New Scandal Puts Him 9 Points Behind Christine Quinn

According to a new poll taken immediately after revelations of a new online scandal, former Congressman Anthony Weiner trails Christine Quinn 16% to 25%.

UAV Global Hawk: the $223 Million Drone That No One Wants, But We Keep Buying

The Global Hawk is costly and largely unpopular but some have succeeded in keeping it around — and you can bet that money is involved.

5 Boston Photos Rollling Stone Should Have Used Instead

Because terrorism is really not glamorous.

Will Apple's Upcoming iWatch Be the Next Big Thing?

Several smartwatches are already available, but the technological market is waiting to see what Apple has in store.


6 Places You Could Find the Zimmerman Jury Outside the Courtroom

They had to keep themselves entertained somehow, right?

Blessed Are Those Who Follow Pope Francis On Twitter

The Catholic Church is becoming more technology-friendly for millenials.

6 Bills That Would Be Laws — If There Were No Filibuster

Everyone complains about the filibuster, but it's not just an annoying stalling tactic — it's actually prevented really important things from getting done. Here are a few.

More Zimmerman Protests Will Happen On July 15

NYC, LA and other cities began their march Sunday and on Monday, July 15, protests will continue across the nation.

Zimmerman Protests LIVE: Trayvon Martin Supporters Take to the Streets As Emotions Run High

As the public has demonstrated, the jury will not have the last word.


George Zimmerman Civil Case: Holder Suggests DOJ Will Investigate Rights Violations

The possibility for Zimmerman to fall once more in the hands of the legal system may be more likely than skeptics expect.

NAACP Petition: Obama Should Bring a Civil Rights Case Against Zimmerman

The trial is really not over yet in the eyes of most Americans and perhaps looking at other avenues for justice would be appropriate.

Zimmerman Protests: Protesters Demand Justice in NYC For Trayvon Martin

On Sunday afternoon, NYC marched in solidarity to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin and to push for the justice many feel was not served with Saturday's verdict.

You Won't Believe How Much the Clintons Make Off Speeches

The Clintons are not the only ones profiting big time from speeches, and if the money is offered, why not take it?

Men and Women Cheat, So Don't Freak Out When It Happens in Politics

Dwelling on sexcapades won't make the American political system any better.


Should We Care That Spitzer Didn't Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Sex scandals aside, Spitzer’s failure to vote should not be the cause of strong public disapproval.

Justin Carter Put in Solitary For Facebook Jokes, While Cop Who Did Same Thing Gets Suspension

A Texas teenager made an off-color Facebook joke and was thrown in jail with a $500,000 bond. When a D.C. cop did the same thing, he got a one-month suspension.

Edward Snowden Movie: The First One is Here, and It's Awful

It may not win awards, but Edwin Lee and Shawn Tse's short film will help us pass the time while we await a full-length Snowden movie.

Group Chanting 'Free Jahar' Shows Up Outside The Courthouse

Demonstrators appear to claim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's innocence.