Julianne Ross
Julianne Ross
Opinion Editor

Bill Cosby Doesn't Think He's a Rapist. Here's Why That Matters.

It's easy to call Bill Cosby a monster. It's harder to recognize he's not alone.

Guys, Can We Stop Calling Everyone "Guys" Already?

"Guys" is not everyone. It's guys.

What the Conversation Around "Yes Means Yes" Is Missing

Consent is more than a three-word catchphrase.

'It Follows' Is the Scariest Movie About Adolescent Angst Ever Made

The scariest — and smartest — horror movie in years.

John Legend and Common's Oscars Speech Is Even More Powerful Than Their Performance

Speaking those words in front of millions — now that's something to applaud.

Patricia Arquette's Empowering Oscars Speech Deserves a Standing Ovation

Meryl's reaction is priceless.

One Quote Shows Why Reese Witherspoon Is the Real Winner of the Oscars

Props to Witherspoon for highlighting such an important movement.

In One Instagram, Reese Witherspoon Just Took Down the Absurdity of the Red Carpet

Reese Witherspoon won the Oscars before they ever even started.

The True Meaning of Love, as Told by the Most Beautiful Lines in Literature

Hallmark's got nothing on Charlotte Brontë.

Why Every Man Should See 'Wild'

And walk 1,100 miles in her shoes.

The Next Great Female Superhero Might Not Be on the Big Screen

Great news, comics fans!

What Happened to This Teen at School Is Body Shaming at Its Worst

Because high school isn't hard enough already.

A Fox Commentator Thinks Catcalling Is Perfectly Okay. Watch Jessica Williams Set Him Straight

"Believe it or not, getting the horny clap of approval does not improve my day."

Watch This Former Marine Take Down Military Rape Jokes in Less Than Two Minutes

It's hard to believe we need to talk about this in 2014.

California's Historic New Bill Just Changed "No Means No" to "Yes Means Yes"

This groundbreaking law will forever change the way we talk about sexual consent.

If Marvel Drew Male Superheroes the Same Way It Draws Female Ones, Here's How Absurd It Would Look

Marvel's mightiest heroes get the pin-up treatment.

'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' Is 102 Minutes of Blatant Misogyny

"A city's like a woman, or a casino. Somebody's gonna win." Oh, great.

Fox News Doctor Showcases Stunning Ignorance With Comments About Michelle Obama's Weight

I can't tell whether I should laugh or cry.