Angel Evans
Angel Evans

Black People Are Not Amused With White People

Thoughts on the digital gaze, flipped.

'The Butler' Movie Review: New Film, Old Stereotypes

White America likes to see blacks portrayed one way and that's a big problem.

This Organization Could Help End Sexual Violence Against Black Women

In the Black Women Truth and Reconciliation Commission, black women who have experienced sexual violence are encouraged to speak out and actively use their voice as a measure of truth.

White Virginia Father Wrongly Accused Of Kidnapping Black Daughters

A white father was suspected of kidnapping three black girls he brought into Walmart. They turned out to be his daughters, and the controversy sparked a racism debate, which misses the mark.

Women Make Up Half the Population, So Why Do They Only Hold 20 Percent Of Elected Offices?

Women are 51% of the population, but hold less than 20% of elected offices. A new book seeks to change all that.

South Korean Women Fight For Peace On Korean Peninsula

More than 60 South Korean women's organizations are pushing for peace between North and South Korean governments, particularly because of North Korea's recent rocket launch.