The Real Obamacare Disaster is the One Playing Out On the Airwaves

The Obamacare debate is proof that many politicians are disengenous and willing to say whatever it takes to "win."


Dear Mark Wahlberg: Give Some Money to the Vietnamese Guy You Beat Up

Real men don't beat up innocent people.

Obamacare Disaster Proves That With Enemies Like Obama, the Tea Party Doesn't Need Allies

So, it turns out the government is actually terrible at doing a lot of things.

The President's "Apology" For Obamacare Problems Doesn't Tell the Whole Truth

President Obama could easily have avoided making a pledge he couldn't keep, but he didn't. And now he's refusing to offer a genuine apology.

Think Ted Cruz Or Obama Are Radicals? So Were Jesus and MLK

If we're going to have civil debate, we need to stop name-calling. "Extremist" and "radical" are two names we can do without — because who says those are bad things to be, anyway?

Obamacare Website Glitches Are a Sign Of Problems in the White House

It may seem like a stretch to compare to the movie "Young Frankenstein," but bear with me on this one.


October 26, 2013: This Week's Failures in Civil Debate

A few examples of how our leaders are failing this week to give us a productive, civil debate on political issues.

Government Shutdown 2013 is Full of Myths Spread By Both Parties

We keep hearing that people are "taking hostages" in the debate about the government shutdown and the 2013 debt ceiling. But is this just another way to demonize the opposition?

The Government Shutdown is a Legitimate Debate, So Stop Name-Calling

Once again, a legitimate political disagreement has turned far more acrimonious than it needs to be.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why It Won't Happen Before the Midterms

Comprehensive immigration reform will, once again, be pushed aside in favor of other issues. Any guess what they are?

On September 9, Celebrate This Event — Because China Can't

It's one of the best days in the history of China and humanity, but we don't celebrate it — and the Chinese can't.

British Girl Scouts Ditch "God" From Their Oath, Should We Do the Same?

When it comes to oaths and God, being all-inclusive isn't an option, or perhaps even the goal.

U.S. Bombing Syria: Will It End Up Putting Us On Al-Qaeda's Side?

How much should we worry that the U.S. is helping Islamist militants by bombing Syria's military?

Oprah and Beyonce Are Wrong: Trayvon Martin is Not Emmett Till

Looking at the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till, it's clear that they are nowhere near the same.

3 New Yorkers Who Are Asking Forgiveness — And Doing It Wrong

Anthony Weiner, Alex Rodriguez, Eliot Spitzer and others are publicly seeking forgiveness. But are they doing it in the right way, or in the way that suits them?

5 Things the Pope Can Do to Prove He Cares About Gay Rights

Short of upending Catholic doctrine by declaring homosexuality and gay marriage to be OK, what can Pope Francis do to support gays of good will who seek God?


7 Revolutions Just As Bloody As the Arab Spring

The revolutions making up the Arab Spring are violent, drawn-out, and sometimes self-defeating. But can you name a revolution that wasn't?

Nidal Hasan Trial: Death Penalty Would Be a Win For the Enemy

Nidal Hasan will almost certainly be found guilty of the Fort Hood Massacre. But does it matter whether or not we put him to death?

"Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice" Labels Make Abortion Debate Even Worse Than It Needs to Be

There's more agreement on abortion – and less need for animosity about it – than our labels suggest.

Supreme Court DOMA: Why Should We Listen to Religion On Gay (or Any) Marriage, Anyway?

What say should religious institutions have in whether gay marriage should be legal?