Esha Ac
Esha Ac

Dove Isn't Just Sexist, It's Racist

Dove and other Western cosmetic companies are relentless.


I'm Proof That Teaching to the Test Doesn't Work

We're setting students up to fail before they've even begun.

Tech Needs Women, But Women Don't Necessarily Need Tech

What we really need is to stop telling women what fields to enter.

Marketing Firms Are Feeding Off Your Insecurities

A marketing firm has gone to great lengths to find out when consumers feel worst about themselves - but it is worse for young people today than it has ever been before.

Why Students Judge Female Professors More Harshly

And what we all lose in the process.

The Number One Reason 'Young Invincibles' Should Get Behind Obamacare

Guess what costs half the average monthly apartment rental rate?


A Canadian Politician Thinks Banning "Religious Symbols" Will Empower Women — This Woman Disagrees

The "quiet revolution" generation may think they're "helping" women, but they need to realize that times have changed.

This Sexist Male Conductor Should Orchestrate Some Respect

Petrenko stated that women should not be conductors, because their sexuality would distract the orchestra. His opinions are commonplace within the industry, but not acceptable.

France Has a New Plan to Get Rid of Sexism in Schools: Ignore It

The French Education Ministry has accused schools across the country of treating boys and girls differently. Their solution? Removing gender theory from schools.

The Toronto Fire Service Needs More Women

The service's aim to recruit more women is not only important for employment equity, but also for changing a discriminatory culture within the field.

Women Buy Designer Products to Keep Their Men

The University of Minnesota has published a new study that claims that female consumers buy designer items to shield their significant other from female rivals.

Rape is a People's Issue, Not a Men's Or Women's Issue

The anti-rape campaign "Don’t Be That Guy" did the right thing in sending a message that it is the not responsibility of young women to prevent being raped. It did not need a revenge campaign.

Leah Remini Quits Scientology After Years Of "Thought Modification"

Actress Leah Remini has left the church she accused of being "corrupt," and said she endured years of "thought modification." but this still doesn't make it a cult.

Canada Day Bomb Plot Not Actually "Inspired by Al-Qaeda"

Police attributed "Al-Qaeda" ideology to the incident, giving no clear reason why and changing the nature of the case altogether. This was a poor move.

GMO Crops Might Actually Grow Less Food, Says Shocking New Study

A new study reveals that plant breeding, not genetic modification, is the reason behind U.S. crop yield advantages, calling into question whether Monsanto's "high-yield" GMO crops are superior.


54% Of Americans Have Sex With Coworkers — Let's Just Let It Happen, Already

The survey shows massive support for tolerance of sexual relationships between co-workers, proving that old workplace policies might be on their way out.

Catbeards: Why Are They So Popular?

The weird trend has captured the hearts and minds of internet users but it makes no sense.

Oklahoma Tornado: Sheldon Whitehouse Blames Republicans For Denying Global Warming

Whitehouse used a post-tragedy speaking opportunity to fault global warming deniers for the continuance of environmental tragedies. But is that really appropriate?

Trey Radel, GOP Rep., Says Public Enemy's Lyrics Are Just Like the Republican Party Platform

In the Now This News interview, Florida Congressman Trey Radel explains why he relates to a lot of old school hip-hop.