Erin Yepis
Erin Yepis

10 Most Followed Politicians On Twitter

A look at the 10 most-followed U.S. politicians on Twitter, and what they do to engage their web audience.

iPads: More Than Just Toys For the Rich, But Not Fully Utilized Yet

To children, tablets like the iPad are a source of entertainment rather than helpful tools.

What Comes After Digital?

Ten years ago, we couldn't have even imagined the kind of devices we have now. Technology brings us the best in digital media, but speed and mobility will drive the next generation of media.

Groundhog Day 2013: 3 Ways the Movie Explains U.S. Politics

Groundhog Day is a film loved by many and is remembered for its namesake holiday, and more. There are all too many parallels to American politics. Here are three.

Internet Backlash Spreads in Wake of Armstrong Interview With Oprah

Lance Armstrong isn't the first person to fess up to lying to the public, he isn't even the first to fess up to Oprah. So why is the internet backlash so strong?

Colorado Obama vs Romney: Voters Not Excited for Either Candidate

Denver used to be Obama-town, but the center of progressive activity in this swing state has little interest in the upcoming presidential contest with recent examples of hope not being enough.

Sports Fans Speak Out Against NFL Blackout Policy

An advocacy group requests the NFL end the decades-old blackout rule of regional games and show the fans that they care.