Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson

Transphobia Is Alive and Well at Fox News

Erick Erickson of Fox News tweets transphobic nonsense, gets blocked on Twitter.


Danes Urged to Think Global, Buy Local, Use Danish Prostitutes

With the immense problem of human trafficking, is buying local the way to go for prostitution?

Rick Perry: Texas Governor's "Anti-Scrooge" Law Is Also Anti-First Amendment

Rick Perry wants children to feel free to have Christmas in the classroom. Is he right?

Edward Snowden PRISM: Leaks Prove You Can Have Privacy Or the Internet, But Maybe Not Both

The government is coming to take your Facebook posts. What does that mean for you?

Gomez Markey Debate: Who Won? Probably No One

In the debate between Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez, the main topics were abortion, Benghazi, and Clinton, but it was all the same old stuff.

Nicole Lynn Mansfield: Syria Civil War Kills One Of Michigan's Own Native Daughters

The family of Nicole Lynn Mansfield, one of the latest casualties in the Syrian resistance war, has several questions, but one sounds the strongest: Was she brainwashed?

El Salvador Abortion: Courts Order Woman to Carry Dying Fetus to Term

When religion and law clash in this deeply Catholic country, a mother might pay with her life.

Hobby Lobby Lawsuit: Since When Does Your Boss Have a Right to Dictate Your Health Choices?

When is a personal decision not your own? When you work for a pseudo-religious organization, like Hobby Lobby.

Do Even Liberal Gay Couples Want to Raise Their Kids in the Country?

Is there something about the country that attracts same-sex couples bent on child rearing? The Williams Institute's study seems to suggest there is, but...

Arne Svenson: Is This Camera-Toting New Yorker a Progressive Artist Or a Peeping Tom?

TriBeCa residents are being photographed without their knowledge, and the artist is legally in the clear.

Kelly Rowland 'Dirty Laundry: Listen to Artist's Song On Abusive Relationships, Detachment From Beyonce

The former Destiny's Child band member sings about having an abusive boyfriend while watching Beyonce's career thrive in dark new song, "Dirty Laundry."


Michelle McKnight: Ariel Castro Allegedly Forced Abortions 5 Times By Punching Her in the Stomach

How can we give Castro's victims back control of their lives after they have been deprived for so long? For one, by respecting them.

Chain Gangs: Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey Bringing Them Back to Prisons

The reinstitution of chain gangs in southern states has shades of slavery.

Beauty is in the Eye Of the Beholder, Unless You Write For Slate

Slate sounds off about attractiveness, and how it's apparently something you can quantify. Here is my response.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Does the New Bill Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples?

As a new piece of immigration legislation comes to a vote, the president urges lawmakers to stay away from recognition of same sex marriage.

Air Traffic Controller Furlough: Is This the End Of It? No, But a Sign Of Easing, Perhaps

As flights snarl and travelers' tempers rise, the legislative branch steps in to cool things down.


George Bush Presidential Library: As He Re-enters News, Don't Forget GOP Women Problem

Former President Bush opened his presidential library Thurday, but that does not erase years of horrible political decisions on his part.

Brandeis University, Watertown, Boston On Lockdown

Brandeis University, and all of Boston, is on lockdown, and I'm stuck in my apartment all day wondering what's happening to my city.

Boston Memorial Service: Westboro Baptist Church Apparently Absent From Gathering

I went to counter protest the Westboro Baptist Church's proposed picketing of the Boston Marathon Memorial Service. They didn't show up, but countless incredible, warm, resilient Bostonians did.

Pat Robertson Says Beware Of the Guillotine-Wielding Gay Illuminati Activists

Pat Robertson opened his mouth again. Is it any surprise what came out?