Kate Dowd
Kate Dowd

College Student Confesses to Serial Rape On Facebook, Now He's Claiming It's a Funny Joke

Because sexual assault is so funny.


Cory Booker Gay? This Vegan Stripper Probably Hopes Not

Are Cory Booker's flirty tweets with these strippers serious or a ploy by his PR team to prove he's not gay?

Smith Student Wants Sorority to Exclude Lesbians Because Straight People Are So Oppressed

Claiming minority status, a vexed student is trying to flee her self-proscribed minority status with an exclusive sorority.

Giddyup! Sports Anchor Adam Lefkoe Drops 41 'Seinfeld' References During Live Telecast

Serenity now! Sports anchor Adam Lefkoe isn't afraid to let his audience how much he loves 'Seinfeld.'

Westboro Baptist Church Shot Down By Federal Judge

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church can no longer protest funerals or burials. While members insist otherwise, this does not violate First Amendment rights.

Watch This Georgia Tech Sophomore Deliver the Best Speech Ever

You won't regret it.

Chris Lane Killed Because of Abortion and Facebook, Says Keith Ablow

Fox News physchiatrist Keith Ablow likens the murder of baseball player Christopher Lane to late-term abortions and Facebook.

Here's How Russian News Channels Deal With LGBT Activists

Earlier today, journalist James Kirchick admonished Kremlin-funded news station Russia Today over Russia's new anti-gay laws. Here's how they replied.

Chuck Hagel to Take Serious Action On Military Sexual Assault

Will we see some relief for military victims of sexual assault? Chuck Hagel is set to take tough steps to crack down on the military rape epidemic.

Sorry, Haters — Obamacare's Birth Control Mandate is Here

Commencing healthier society in 3...2...1....

Watch This Kid Solve a Rubik's Cube in Less Time Than It Took to Read This Headline

No, seriously. He's already done. Yeah, we feel inadequate too.


Why Does Kate Middleton Still Have Her Baby Bump?

Kate's post-baby bump is actually very normal, and for many women the post-baby bump can last up to a few weeks.

Gay Satanists Troll Westboro Baptist Church By Marrying On Founder's Mother's Grave

How do you get back at the Westboro Baptist Church in the most petty way possible? Try getting married on Fred Phelps's mother's grave.

Watch a Texas Woman Get Forcibly Removed From Senate Floor For Fighting the Abortion Ban

But the GOP wouldn't DARE silence anyone, right?

Prince William and Kate Baby: Having a Royal Family Ain't Cheap. Who's Paying For It?

The money for royal weddings, castle maintenance, fox hunts, and all that other pageantry has to come from somewhere. Right?

Texas Abortion Law: Governor Perry Calls for Another Special Session

And then, we hope, Texas will laugh in his face.


What's the World's Most Gay-Friendly Country? The Answer May Surprise You

The Pew Research Center is at it again, surveying countries to gauge how tolerant of homosexuality they are. Some results might surprise you.

Ultraviolet Ad Targeting Fox News Sexism Surprisingly Doesn't Air on Fox News

An ad targetting Lou Dobbs, Erikk Erikson, and Juan Williams for their sexism won't be airing on Fox News anytime soon ... stunning.

Yet Another Child Gets Suspended For Not Actually Having a Gun

American logic? We're not going to pass background check laws so that criminals can get guns, but we will absolutely suspend your child if he chews his PopTart into the shape of a gun.