Lily Beaumont
Lily Beaumont

The Most Influential Black Thinkers History Has Forgotten

Albert Murray — an oft-overlooked but very powerful black writer and critc — passed away a little over a week ago. Here's a who's who of other important black thinkers you need to know.

Should Women Write About Themselves?

With the advent of social media, first-person writing has surged in popularity, particularly among women. But is it good writing? Or does such writing hold women back?

The World's Simplest Solution to Fighting Twitter Sexism

Thousands are planning to boycott Twitter on August 4 in protest of the social networking site's slowness to address rape threats directed at a feminist activist. Here's why it's important.

What Do Women Want? I Don't Know — Maybe You Should Ask Them

The recent uproar surrounding the "hookup culture" has led to a lot of speculation about the nature of female sexuality, but maybe we're looking for answers in the wrong place.

Here's Why Women Don't Trust Journalists Anymore

Journalists are more hated than ever, according to the Pew Research Center, but the decline in trust is most marked among women. What might be causing the drop-off?

6 Awesome Responses to Anti-Choice Activists

Here are some of the most thoughtful, biting, and unexpected rebuttals to pro-life arguments.

Meet the "Prancing Elites," Mobile, Alabama's All Black, Mostly Male Cheer Squad

The Prancing Elites got viral status following Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter nod. Find out more about the challenges they and other male cheerleaders face.

How Has the Peace Movement Helped Women Fight For Power?

Women have historically played an important role in antiwar movements, often by drawing attention to their status as mothers and wives. What do such tactics mean for women's rights?

Defund Planned Parenthood: The Supreme Court Says It's Not On the National Agenda

Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal case centering on the use of Medicare funding in Planned Parenthood clinics. Find out why that's good news for pro-choice activists.

Medea Benjamin: Meet the CodePink Co-Founder Who Interrupted Obama's National Security Speech

Medea Benjamin has gained notoriety for "heckling" Obama during his speech last Thursday. Whether or not you agree with her politics, here's why you should care about her.

What Would Happen If More Women Designed Buildings?

Architecture is still a male-dominated field, and it may be suffering for it.

Megan Ellison: Meet the 27-Year-Old Woman Behind 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Megan Ellison may be a relative newcomer to the film industry, but she's already making a name for herself.

Mother's Day 2013: Komen's "Make Mom Proud" Campaign is Par For the Shady Course

With the Komen Foundation gearing up for several Mother's Day events, make sure you know the facts about the organization before donating.

'50 Shades Of Grey' Book: Why Men Love It Too

Women aren't the only ones devouring E. L. James' series.

Equal Pay Day: This is Why Women Still Make Less Than Men

With a recent study suggesting that the disparity in men and women's salaries can't be explained by factors like career choice and motherhood, Equal Pay Day is more important than ever.

Reddit "Feminist Victims Fund" Mistakenly Argues That Feminists Don't Support Men

Writer Adria Richard's Tweet about sexism in tech sparked many discussions, but what's gone overlooked is the response of men's rights activists who misunderstand and misconstrue the situation.