Emily Calandrelli
Emily Calandrelli

This Incredible Invention Puts Your Childhood Pin Art Toy to Shame

Now you can move the pins from across the room, without even touching them.


Washington GMO Bill is Overblown — GMOs Do More Good Than Harm

A world without genetically modified foods is far more dangerous than a world with them. Here are 4 reasons to give GM foods a chance.

United Airlines Ticket Glitch Leads to Cheap Flights — Again

Or, how I bought a first-class ticket to Paris for $150.

3 Reasons Why McAfee's D-Central Won't Actually Protect You From the NSA

For $100, McAfee promises you will be able to buy your privacy. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't buy into the McAfee paranoia.

Cell Phones and iPads On Planes? What the New FAA Rules Mean For You

The FAA is announcing new airline policy changes that could allow e-readers and tablets during takeoff and landing. Is this really a good thing?

5 Reasons Jenny McCarthy Is Even More Dangerous Than You Thought

McCarthy is giving medical advice to vulnerable parents based on pseudoscience. It's like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, when there's no fire – and it's the kids who are getting trampled.

Facebook Privacy: Why Zuckerberg Will Never Get it Right

Privacy groups are asking the FTC to block new policy changes. Facebook’s increasing pressure to monetize their 1+ billion users incentivizes them to continuously push boundaries on user privacy.