J. Lewis
J. Lewis

What We Can Learn From the Rebirth of Vinyl

The reemergence of records is not just about how we listen to music. It is an example of how societies and government respond to economic change.

How a Barry Bonds Home Run in Baseball Explains Economics and Law

What a home run in baseball can teach us about both economics and law.

Why the Supreme Court Justices May Look to Baseball for Obamacare Precedent

Congress and the Court have given the great American pastime a unique status in the American economy. Whether they will give a distinct status to the insurance market remains to be determined.

Federal Reserve Stress Test Reveals U.S. Financial System May Be Getting Stronger

The Federal Reserve's recent "stress testing" of banks may be a turning point in getting our financial sector healthy again.

How Debt Caused the 2008 Financial Crisis and Why It Matters

Flawed federal housing policy, Wall Street excess, and lack of bank regulation may have all contributed to the mess, but the 2008 financial crisis was caused by America's debt.

Why More Quantitative Easing By the Fed is Not the Answer to Unemployment

An additional round of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve should not be enacted to combat unemployment.

How the Zombies on 'The Walking Dead' Explain Economics

Although the show’s plot follows how survivors of a zombie apocalypse struggle to survive amidst both zombies and each other, it is also a crash course in some fundamental economic concepts.

Memo to Millennials: Be Fiscal Conservatives

Millennial voters should elect politicians who will promise less in government services, but will be good stewards of the nation’s finances.

Reject Soda Taxes to Curb Government Intrusion On Our Liberty

Soda taxes which amount to one or two cents per beverage disparately impact the poorest individuals in society and impose on our personal liberty.

Comparing America's Housing, Tax, and Monetary Systems With Other Western Countries

A comparative approach to public policy will prove useful, especially in the realms of housing, taxation, and monetary policy.

Rethinking U.S. Housing Policy: How to Make Sure the Housing Bubble Doesn't Pop Again

Americans need to rethink the housing market and home ownership in order to help us more quickly overcome the Great Recession.


Focus On Opportunity

A vibrant and financially secure middle class is the bedrock of a healthy polity.