Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith

Hip-Hop May Have Failed Questlove, but It Saved Me

I grew up a black kid in a white suburb, and I needed hip-hop.

6 Sci-Fi Inventions That Could Be Real In Our Lifetime

And yes, 'Back to the Future' hoverboards are in the works.

P. Diddy's 'Revolt' Is A Barrier to Real Counterculture

By naming his music network Revolt, Diddy joins a long list of corporations who have stripped the word of its power and turned dissent into a commodity.

Ridley Scott's Exodus Whitewashes the Bible By Casting Only White Actors

Christian Bale may make for a great Moses, but the new biblical biopic distorts history by leaving out brown actors in prominent roles.

Inside the Fashion Industry's Terrifying History

Comedian Russell Brand recently criticized Hugo Boss for its collaboration with the Nazis during World War II, drawing attention to the fashion industry's history of exploitation and oppression.

'Sleepy Hollow' Season Premiere: This Series Looks Nothing Like Washington Irving Imagined

Premiering Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox, 'Sleepy Hollow,' starring Tim Mison and Nicole Beharie, takes Washington Irving's tale, and adds magic, conspiracy theories, and some old-fashioned cop drama.

Porn and Football Share a Dangerous Obsession

The bodily risks taken by both athletes and porn actors are the consequence of viewers’ demands for entertainment in the form of bigger hits, harder tackles, and raunchier sex scenes.

What We're All Secretly Trying to Say When We Take a Selfie

The proliferation of selfies goes beyond the gratification of one’s physical attributes and instead is about our desire to control our personal brand as the big brother society emerges.

Art Attack! The Committee Makes High Culture Accessible in Manhattan

The Committee, a new type of agency, has an ambitious agenda to turn New York City into an art studio and change the way New Yorkers interact with art and each other.

Why Hollywood Still Thinks It's OK to Make Fun Of Asians

The media continues to promote the "otherness" of Asian Americans, which regulates them to perpetual foreigners and facilitates the disturbing trend known in Hollywood as whitewashing.

Paula Deen Racial Slur: What John Roberts Can Learn From Paula Deen

There are two Americas; an America that represents our hopes and wishes of a truly post-racial society and the other America of warring tribes, cultural isolation, and racial resentment.

Why I'm Happy to Be a Starving Artist in NYC

I work long hours and my monthly rent is twice that of my friends in “fly over” states, but New York pushes me to write, edit, re-write, and put my work out there to be criticized.

Jurassic Park 3D: Why Triple D's Don't Excite Me Anymore

A year after Martin Scorsese said he wished "Taxi Driver" could have been filmed in 3D, the technology has gone from being an industry game changer to an expensive novelty.

This Ancient War Movie Would Make the Perfect Script For a Gay Hollywood Action Hero

As a heterosexual male who finds most musical theater annoying, I want to know why Hollywood hasn't written a gay character as the hero of my favorite film genre: the war epic?

When Did Black Become the New White?

Rap has traversed every socio-economic group in America. When Jay-Z and Kanye performed at the Barclay's Center, my only friend able to snag tickets was a white corporate lawyer.

Why Hasn't Hollywood Created More Gay Heroes in War Films?

We shouldn't let stereotypes from our present culture blind us to the fascinating opportunities for gay characters in TV and film.

'42' Movie Review: Film Enables Public to Discuss Racism in Entertaining Way

The release this spring of Warner Brothers’ Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, offers the public a chance to discuss racism in an entertaining and relatable way.