Rachel Lesser
Rachel Lesser

9/11 Footage As Haunting Today As It Was in 2001

Even with 12 years of distance between us and the September 11th attacks, time has done nothing to diffuse how distressing footage and images of the attack are.

11 Of CODEPINK's Most Unforgettable Protests

CODEPINK has become infamous for its wide variety of attention-grabbing protests. Let's take a look at some of the activist group's greatest hits.

Revenge Porn Might Soon Be Illegal, But Should It Be?

New legislature in California could send revenge porn perpetrators to jail for up to a year. Is this a necessary step to prevent emotional harm or a hindrance to freedom of expression?

Twitter Threats Force the Network to Get Real About Bullying

Twitter joins the ranks of social media venues that make cyberbullying easier. The site has been forced to react after a rise in threatening tweets.

The End Of BuzzFeed? Why Lists Might Not Be Able to Go On Forever

Does BuzzFeed have an expiration date?

Sex in the Nursing Home? The Surprising Facts About Senior Sexuality

Just because someone is older doesn't mean they forfeit their sexual rights. As baby boomers age, we need to begin addressing the questions surrounding elderly sex.

Texas's Anti-Abortion House Bill 2 Will Endanger 200,000 Women

Regardless of your views on abortion, Gov Rick Perry's legislation is dangerous. It will put the health of hundred of thousands of women and children in danger.

Mayor Bob Filner Needs to Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Mayor Bob Filner stands accused of sexual harassment. After suffering unwanted sexual advances and comments, his female staffers are finally speaking up. But Filner sees no reason to resign.

The Third-World Country Within Our Borders

Native Americans only make the news amidst scandal. But their culture is vital towards understanding our own and merits a push to the front pages without help from the latest blockbuster.

There's Always Money in the Lemonade Stand

It's summer, so on every street corner you can find a child selling "homemade" lemonade, hoping to save money for a candy bar or a toy. But there is so much more to the classic enterprise.

Evo Morales Gets Tangled In Edward Snowden's Spy Scandal — And the Plot Thickens

Both France and Portugal refused to let Bolivian President Evo Morales's plane pass through their airspace due to a rumor that Edward Snowden was aboard, putting Bolivia on the defensive.


NYC Pride Parade 2013: 9 Incredible Things to Know About the Parade

What better way to celebrate the epic demise of DOMA than at the NYC Pride Parade?

Syria Aid: Will Arming the Syrian Rebels Bring Us Closer to Peace?

Will Obama's recent decision to send lethal aid to the Syrian opposition be the catalyst that finally ends this 2-year conflict?

Angelina Jolie's Stunt Double: Eunice Huthart Suing News Corp For Phone-Hacking

Eunice Huthart has launched a suit against Rupert Murdoch's media empire, with claims that they hacked her phone to get exclusive information on Angelina Jolie.

Ralph Hall: On DOMA, "Global Freezing", and Being 90 Years Old

The oldest serving member of the House of Representatives has made an institution out of flip-flopping and diverging from the norm. And shows no signs of slowing down.

Rawabi: The Eco-City That May Bring Peace to the Middle East

Rawabi, the brainchild of Bashar Masri, is a completely green city being built in the hills of the West Bank. And its founder thinks it could offer an alternate path to peace.


Erick Erickson: Fox News Contributor Fears Rise in Female Breadwinners

A new study shows that 40% of households boast a woman as the breadwinner. So, Fox News came to the only viable conclusion: the dissolution of American society and human nature.

Hulk Hogan Has a New Career As a Weather Reporter

A local Tampa meteorologist shares his green screen with world champion wrestler Hulk Hogan. He predicts impossibly large biceps, dancing pectorals, and wearing sunglasses inside.

Kimberly Miale: Meet the Most Powerful Woman in Jay-Z's Life Not Named Beyonce

Her name is Kimberly Miale. And she is the buffer protecting him from breaking NFL recruitment rules with his company Roc Nation Sports. But nobody seems to know who she is...

Stolen Valor Act: Is the New Version Still Unconstitutional?

The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 was overturned by the Supreme Court. The 2013 version just made it through the House, but are the changed drastic enough to protect our First Amendment rights?