Jared Milrad
Jared Milrad

Ralph Nader Tells PolicyMic How 20-Somethings Can Change America

In a special interview with PolicyMic, the long-time consumer advocate and five-time presidential candidate reflects on how millennials can shape the future.


What We Should Say to Animal "Lovers" Who Only Love the Cute Ones

The "Puppy Doe" animal abuse case in Boston should inspire us to extend our compassion to all animals, not just those we know best.

How a Stirring Poem Landed One Young DREAMER a Role in An Aloe Blacc Video

Hareth Andrade's battle to keep her father Stateside is multi-genre.

Congress Could Learn a Thing or Two From National Coming Out Day

This week brings National Coming Out Day alongside yet another manufactured political crisis. The timing reminds me that our most powerful leaders have to learn from those without it.

We Weren't on Food Stamps — But We Should Have Been

Single-parent households like the one I grew up in are struggling to feed their families. Our government should do its part to help, not hurt, them.

Comedy's Big Gay Joke

Gay jokes are a real issue in comedy. Is there any way to make them 'good'? Comedian Myq Kaplan thinks there might be.

Warren Buffett's Son Thinks Millennials Will Revolutionize Philanthropy

Out with the charitable-industrial complex. In with more equitable economic structures.

Singer Mary Lambert Says 'Same Love' is An 'Anthem For Allies'

The “Same Love” singer opens up about the Macklemore/Le1f controversy and fat shaming. But she really just wants to give you a hug.

Young Lawyers Can't Afford to Work for Those That Need Us Most

The justice system is failing; here's what I'm doing to fix it.

These Young Activists Are Risking Their Lives to Speak Out On Bahrain's Despotic Regime

An inside look at Bahrain's future through the eyes of young people facing dire consequences in their fight for democracy.

This Dutch Activist Was Arrested For Even Talking About Gay Rights in Russia

In a special interview with PolicyMic, Dutch LGBT rights activist Kris van der Veen recounts his frightening detention, interrogation, and prosecution by Russian authorities.


D.C. Walmart Wages: What Political Courage Looks Like in 2013

How D.C.'s Walmart wage battle provides a window into the willingness of politicians to stand up for the little guy.

You Won't Believe How These Men Are Ending Gun Violence in Their Deadly Hometown

Featured in a forthcoming documentary, "A Confused War," a few dedicated community leaders in Richmond, Calif., are working tirelessly to change their city's deadly reputation.

What It Was Like Inside the Courtroom During DOMA's Ruling

A recount of my personal journey as a member of the LGBT community witnessing history in the Supreme Court.

If You're Black, You're Nearly 4x As Likely to Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession

A new report by the American Civil Liberties Union reveals persistent racial bias in enforcement of the nation's drug laws, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and upending thousands of lives.

Father's Day 2013: Dads Must Stand Up For Women's Rights

As violence and pay inequity continues to impede women's progress, men need to do their part to fight back. Men, namely dads, have a special obligation to support women and all of our families.

'Triple Hate' Vice Series: New Documentary On KKK Strikes a Chord

Well over a century after his death, a Confederate lieutenant general is reigniting racial tensions in the South. Why VICE's Rocco Castoro went to Memphis to investigate his legacy in 2013.

Climate Change: As CO2 Levels Increase, Congress Does Nothing

Humans are accelerating climate change, so why is Congress calmly letting the clock run out?

Jeff Flake Gun Control: After Taking Muddled Positions, Flake Slightly More Popular Than North Korea

Senator Jeff Flake's (R-Ariz.) decision to oppose bipartisan gun reform legislation has left his approval ratings in a tailspin, but his troubles may have larger implications for Congress.

Death Penalty: As Other States Phase It Out, Florida Ramps It Up

From a moral and legal perspective, Florida's lawmakers' decision to speed executions for death-row inmates is highly troubling.