Lev Sviridov
Lev Sviridov

Former Senator George Mitchell: Peace in the Middle East Is Possible

In delivering the Samuel Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture at The City College of New York, former Senator Mitchell stressed that peace in the middle east is possible.


Boston Marathon Attack: We Must Never Give In

Despite the trauma and horror in Boston yesterday, Americans should remember we are strong and united. In the words of Winston Churchill: "Never give in."

How to Build a Clean Energy Company: Q&A With Graham Lawlor

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a city to bring an innovation from the lab to the consumer market. Graham Lawlor and his team provide a stage for innovation and innovators.

Domingo, Damrau, and Pirgu Electrify in Metropolitan Opera's 'La Traviata'

While the minimalist staging left a lot to be desired, the incredible performers on the stage of Metropolitan Opera delivered an instant operatic classic.

'Francesca di Rimini' Met Review: A Must-See At the Metropolitan Opera

The cast and staging make for a grand operatic experince of a little known opera. Marcello Giordani, Robert Brubaker, and Eva-Maria Westbroek breathe life into the romantic opera.

Verdi's 'Don Carlo' Metropolitan Opera Review: Ramon Vargas and Barbara Fritoli Underwhelm

Ramon Vargas and Barbara Fritoli let the side down with their weak performance this Wednesday. While Maazel, Hvorostovsky, Smirnova, Furlanetto, and Halfvarson shine.


ARPA-E 2013 Shows America is Still Producing Sci-Fi Technology

Mature projects aimed for commercialization at the 4th annual ARPA-E Innovation Summit, showing that America is still capable of innovating with the best of them.

USPS Is Bankrupt, But We Can Save It By Privatizing

How do we save the Post Office? Look towards Germany for the best hints towards success.

Ed Koch, Former New York City Mayor, Dies At 88

Former three-term Mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch died this morning at the age of 88.

3 Critical Climate Change Questions We Need to Answer Before It's Too Late

In his second inaugural address, President Obama stated that climate change policies would be a integral part of his second term. Here are three questions all Americans must ask now.

New Show 'The Orchid' is a Seductive Reminder Of American Cultural Exceptionalism

A new Miami-based show 'The Orchid' is a product of an extraordinary combination of art forms that could have only become a dream and a reality in America.


Obama Inauguration Speech: 4 Things He Can Do to Win Us Over

In Obama's second inauguration speech, he needs to outline his vision for America in order to win us over. Here are the issues he should address.

Le Comte Ory At the Metropolitan Opera: An Incredible Work Of Art

The production of Rossini's 'Le Comte Ory' at New York's Metropolitan Opera House delivered an incredible work of art to the audience. A star is born as Pretty Yende shines.

Gun Control Debate: Vice President Biden Must Deliver a Market-Based Plan

This week, the vice president will deliver his recommendations for gun control reforms. Here are two issues he should focus on and two he should avoid.

Wayne LaPierre Meet the Press Interview: NRA Leader Says Gun Owners are the 99%

In his appearance on Meet the Press, Wayne LaPierre attacked the liberal city elites and said that he is protecting freedom loving Americans, who are the majority of this country.

Metropolitan Opera Review: A Failed Aria in Un Ballo in Maschera is No Laughing Matter

When sharing a stage with the Metropolitan Opera choir, the singers bringing "Un Ballo in Maschera" to life needed to deliver a strong performance. With one very notable exception, they did.

Le Nozze di Figaro Review: One of Those Cases When Opera Underwhelms

While this timeless operatic classic will continue to be one of the best operas in the rotation from the artistic point of view, the overall performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Election Results: Romney Will Lose Election 2012, But Here is How He Could Easily Have Won

Time and time again, the Romney campaign had an opportunity to bring a damaging blow to the struggling Obama administration, and they simply failed to do so.

Romney Foreign Policy Speech Transcript and Analysis: 6 Areas the Republican Candidate Needed to Cover to Hit a Home Run

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to outline his view on American foreign policy … one of a handful of actual policy areas where the president has direct control.

Putin Takes to the Sky After Backtracking About Romney, Obama and the US Elections

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Vladimir Putin!