Cole Johnson
Cole Johnson

Amanda Bynes Twitter: What Went Wrong With the Troubled Child Star?

What is causing these young actresses in Hollywood to have hard falls from grace after reaching such lofty heights?

Jason Collins and Chris Broussard: How Telling Christianity's Truth About Homosexuality Makes You a Bad Guy

A man is praised for announcing he's gay. Another man is lampooned because he believes the Word of God's stance of homosexuality. You be the judge.

Can Social Media Totally Kill the Marketing Industry?

Gone are the days of relying on only hot leads, foot traffic, and word-of-mouth through a human being.

Lil Wayne: PepsiCo Drops Rapper For "Emmett Till" Song Lyric

With hip-hop stars Lil Wayne and Rick Ross being dropped from prospective endorsements, this begs the question: When is being provocative actually too much?

Abuse of Justice: Wal-Mart Sued for $1 Million Over Racist Intercom Announcement

A man is suing Wal-Mart after an intercom announcement told all African-American customers to leave the store.

Newt Gingrich Will Support Mitt Romney in GOP Primaries After All, But on One Condition

The stubborn former speaker of the House from Georgia will lend a helping hand to GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney, on one condition.


Geraldo Rivera Son Is Ashamed Of Comment Saying The Hoodie Caused Trayvon Martin Murder, Not George Zimmerman

Is Geraldo Rivera right? Does the clothes make the man? Or is his hard-hitting journalist off-base?

Newt Gingrich Makes Last Ditch Push in Tennessee Primary

Gingrich has been making the rounds throughout the state in hopes to corral a miracle victory that he received in South Carolina back in January.

Why Do the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Suffer From Foot-In-Mouth Disease?

In the race to earn the Repulbican presidential nomination, the GOP candidates are saying the most inane things.

Is Ron Paul Mitt Romney's Winning Hand in the 2012 Election?

One man is a libertarian, another is a moderate conservative. How can this actually be a harmonious political marriage?

Mitt Romney Booed for Mexican Roots, Shows Racism in the Ranks of the GOP

Do we really live in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or is America the land of the bigoted and the home of the scared?


Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Surging, But What Would A Victory in the Iowa Caucus Mean?

Santorum is climbing up the Iowa Caucas charts and Paul is taking the lead from out of nowhere, but how important is this stop of the campaign?

Payroll Tax: Yet Another Example Of Political Gridlock in 2011

Washington truly is grinding to a halt. Congress this year passed just 62 bills, the lowest number since the Congressional Record began keeping count in 1947.