Matt Vespa
Matt Vespa

Voting Rights Act Ruling: 10 Racist Tweets Aimed At Justice Clarence Thomas

Oh, the tolerant left ...

Paycheck Fairness Act: The Atlantic Admits Gender Pay Gap is a "Myth"

In reality, when you consider what jobs females are actually working in, the gender pay gap is almost at the point of erasure.

Why is Politico Wasting Time Covering the NRSC and DSCC's Twitter War?

With multiple scandals engulfing the Obama administration, Politico devoted almost 1800 words to GOP and Dem staffers fighting on Twitter. A bit odd, don't you think?

Trent Franks Rape Comment: No, Trent Franks Didn't Pull A "Todd Akin"

Pregnancy from rape is rare, but there are other arguments that can be made in support of banning abortions after 20 weeks.

Eric Holder Gets Grilled Over AP Scandal By a 2-Year-Old Baby

First of all, it's boring for 2-year-old Nico. Perhaps he's cute, but his appearance is ultimately distracting.

Obama Impeachment: Don't Impeach Obama, Indict Big Government Instead

Conservatives need to play the long game when it comes to the administration numerous scandals.


IRS Scandals: IRS and AP Snooping Scandals Reeks Of Nixon Era

The larger government gets, the more lawless it becomes.

Scott Compton: Stomped On Flag and Got $85,000 For It

We may not like it, but stomping on a flag isn't illegal.

Gun Control Debate: Justice Dept. Reports Violence is Down

Gun violence is down, and gun control isn't the reason.

Benghazi Cover Up Will Drive Obama Out, Says Huckabee ... Yeah, That's Probably Not Going to Happen

While Benghazi forcing Obama from office is a pipe dream, Republicans should still get a scalp from the fallout, and that's a win at the end of the day.

Kermit Gosnell Case: Kirsten Powers Calls Abortion Rights Movement "The NRA Of the Left"

I don't agree with Powers on much, but at least she understands what late-term abortion is at its core: infanticide.


Washington Redskins Name Change: This is Political Correctness Run Amok

If D.C. is doing this to prevent itself from looking racist, it's too late.

Caught On Camera, Police Snatch Child Because Parents Sought Second Medical Opinion

Who knew that seeking a second opinion could get your child taken by authorities?

Kermit Gosnell Trial: He Isn't the Only One Conducting Gruesome Abortions

The horrific actions of abortion doctors are being reported by one group to be standard operating procedure at a Bronx clinic and other medical facilities.

9 Best (Or Worst?) Live News Bloopers

Fox News' Mike Tobin recently had to fend off two would-be kissers during a recent live broadcast on the Boston bombings. But on-air mishaps aren't anything new, judging by these nine bloopers.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Obama Isn't A Persuader

Obama is articulate, but that doesn't mean he's a good communicator. In fact, he's quite awful, as evidenced by sliding support for gun control.


Gun Control Debate: Majority Of Americans Say Guns Make Our Homes Safer

Fifty-one percent of white women agree as well.

Marathon Bombs Must Not Be a Justification For Trampling On the Constitution

In the wake of the Boston bombings, any further anti-terror policies should first and foremost be constitutional.

10 Things You Should Learn From 'Jurassic Park'

Never use the bathroom, among other things...

Alex Jones and Company Send Idiotic Tweets After Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack

It doesn't help anyone when wingnuts, on both sides, tweet their insanity.