Veronica Brooks
Veronica Brooks

10 Things Millennials Don't Miss From Childhood

Millennials can appreciate, but don't miss, these items from their youth.

'Scandal' Season 2 Finale: Kerry Washington Says You "Are Not Ready" For It

ABC's "Scandal" airs its season two finale Thursday night, and lead actress Kerry Washington tweeted of the episode, "U ARE NOT READY."

Jodi Arias Verdict: She Wants the Death Penalty, But That Would Be the Easy Way Out

Jodi Arias was recently convicted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend. She wants the death penalty. But death would be too easy of a sentence. The jury should let her live.

Thorsten Heins BlackBerry CEO: Tablets Will Die in 5 Years

Does Thorsten Heins actually believe what he is saying, or is he spewing propaganda because BlackBerry has unsuccessfully broken into the tablet market?

'Scandal' Season 2: Popular Program Proves Twitter is Revolutionizing TV Through Live Tweets

Viewers are running to Twitter in real time to chat about their favorite scenes, characters, and story lines, and ABC's "Scandal" is a perfect example of a show that does this to viewers.

Chris Kelly Death: Why Kris Kross Defined the 90s

In honor of the late Chris Kelly's legacy, here is why the 90s wouldn't have been the 90s without Kriss Kross.