Lauren Rankin
Lauren Rankin

Colorblindness is the New Racism

President Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin contextualized racism in America and forced us to admit that "colorblindness" hasn't ended racial discrimination, but allowed it to thrive.


What Juror B37's Comments Reveal About White Womanhood

During her interview with Anderson Cooper, Juror B37 made it all too clear that George Zimmerman was never really on trial; black masculinity was.

Why I Will Never Be Trayvon Martin

I will never know, understand, or feel what it is like to be a black person in America.

Texas Abortion Bill: Tweet Mocks Women Who Die From Unsafe Abortions

Conservative troll Erick Erickson sent a cruel and heartless tweet, but he reveals what many already knew: anti-choicers do not care about women's lives.

Why the Anti-Choice Movement Sees Pregnancy as Women's Punishment

If the 'Right to Life' movement really does value life, why does it keep framing pregnancy as a form of punishment?

The Biggest Lie You've Been Told About the Oppression Of Muslim Women

This past weekend, Joyce Carol Oates sent a series of Islamophobic tweets that reflect a much larger Western trend of judging, stereotyping, and discriminating against Islam.

North Carolina Abortion Bill: Just the Latest State to Shirk Democracy

On Tuesday, North Carolina GOP Senators snuck anti-abortion measures into a bill to outlaw Sharia Law, joining other states in shirking democracy to undermine abortion rights.

Paula Deen and Rachel Jeantel Woke America Up to Something Black People Have Known All Along

At the intersection of Paula Deen's racist scandal and the mocking of Rachel Jeantel, a lesson exists in what white privilege is and how it works.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: A State Senator Talks Her Way Into American History

By filibustering an omnibus anti-abortion bill for 11 hours, Senator Wendy Davis inspired the world and upended a cynical narrative that says politics are pointless.

Texas Abortion Law: Why You Shouldn't Mess With Texas Women

For the last week, Texas pro-choice protesters have ccupied the Texas Legislature, fighting an anti-abortion bill. They are proof that progressivism exists in red states.

Evangelical Christians Are Not the Victims Of Same-Sex Marriage

Those in opposition to marriage equality claim they are being bullied by LGBT supporters. In actuality, they are rightly being called out on their bigotry.

Why Trolling is Worse For Feminist Writers

While the internet can be a powerful means of raising feminist consciousness and enacting social change, it comes with a price for feminist activists.

It's Time For Liberal Men to Break the Silence On Abortion Rights

Abortion rights advocates are up against a wave of virulent anti-choice zealotry. So why aren't progressive activists rallying around abortion?

George Zimmerman Trial: Just Further Proof Of Our Racist Justice System

The trial of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin has begun, but no matter the outcome, our justice system remains deeply flawed and openly racist.

White Lady Heckles Michelle Obama — What Happens Next is Something Black Women Know All Too Well

The FLOTUS calmly confronted a heckler during her speech at a Democratic fundraiser, and the ensuing response has been fraught with racism and sexism.

To Support and Help Teen Mothers, We Must Stop Shaming Them

Young parents are leading the charge against shame-and-blame campaigns like the Candie's Foundation. But are we listening to what they have to say?


Supreme Court Gay Marriage: Is Marriage Equality Really the Last Civil Rights Struggle?

While the country braces for the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality, we must ask ourselves: Is marriage equality the end-all-be-all for the LGBT community?

Facebook Vows to Stop Hate Speech Against Women, and Feminist Icon Sheryl Sandberg Says Nothing

Online feminists scored a huge victory in their campaign to end gender-based hate speech on Facebook, but why hasn't Facebook COO and corporate feminist "it girl" Sheryl Sandberg weighed in?

Why Women Everywhere Should Thank This Republican White Male Anti-Choicer

During the congressional hearing for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) accidentally let slip the ugly truth about anti-choicers.

Stop Policing and Questioning Beyonce's Feminist Credentials

When white liberal feminists label Beyoncé as anti-feminist, they are simply perpetuating the same racist partiarchy they're supposed to be combating.