Alexandra Gruian
Alexandra Gruian

The UN's Millennium Development Goals Leave Disabled People Behind

More than 10% of people worldwide are disabled, however the UN failed to address their interests in the Millenium Development Goals. Why is it important that they mend their mistake?

Topless Women Are Reading in NYC Public Parks to Protest for Equality

A New York group of women found a way of promoting gender equality: toplessness and reading as a unit.

Pro-Life Activists Care About Life Before Birth, But What About After That?

Anti-choice discourse focuses only on the life of the fetus, but shares little thought about what happens after birth. Having a child means more than giving life.

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Actress Channeled 'Brave' Character Merida's Courage

The two courageous cinema stars should make all women think about what they pass on to their children in terms of health and looks.