Tracey Vitchers
Tracey Vitchers

It's Not You, It's Me: Why I Took a Break From Feminism

And why I couldn't stay away.


One in 10 Young People Have Committed Sexual Violence

And over half of them have never been caught, or punished. So what's this have to do with sex ed?

The Shutdown's Awful Effect on Campus Violence Prevention Programs

Crucial grant programs are on hold as the government drags its heels.

In Memory Of 9/11, This Organization Helps Young Veterans Rebuild Their Lives

The father of a 9/11 victim and the head of construction at Ground Zero set their sights on helping veterans in need.

7 Terrifying College Administration Responses to Allegations of Sexual Assault

As sexual assault survivors file Title IX and Clery Act complaints against their colleges, horrifying actions by university administrators are being brought to light.


FEMEN Leaders Brutally Beaten in Soviet-Style Crackdown

If Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to slow down or stop human rights groups, he will have to abandon his violent tactics, and take the fight to social media.

If Rick Perry is So Pro-Life, Why is He Ignoring Texas' High Maternal Death Rate?

Texas has a maternal mortality rate equal to that of Saudi Arabia, but Gov. Perry has failed to take action to reduce it despite his "pro-life" stance.

From Clinton to Gillibrand, Research Shows We See Female Politicians As ... Not That Feminine

A recently published study in "Political Psychology" shows female politicians are less likely to be defined by traditionally female stereotypes.

Occidental College Has a Serial Rapist Problem — And It's Probably Not the Only College With One

"Oxy" is permitting a known serial rapist to return to campus in December 2013 and students have little recourse to prevent him from being readmitted.

Susan Rice NSA: Will She Help Women Finally Be Taken Seriously On National Security?

What does President Obama's appointment of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to the position of National Security Advisor mean for women working in defense, foreign policy, and national security?


Hurricane Sandy Victims: Help Cancer Patients Who Went Bankrupt in Storm

Communities affected by Sandy will take years to fully recover, but relief programs can alleviate the financial burden placed on families battling cancer and struggling to move on from the storm.

"Crying Rape" On Innocent Men Doesn't Happen As Often As You Might Think

How often do women falsely accuse men of rape? Often? Sometimes? Almost never? And, how often do women falsely accuse men of domestic violence? The actual numbers might surprise you.

Graduation 2013: How to Navigate the Feminist Job Market

With graduation season here, many seniors are hunting for that perfect job. Those looking for a feminist-friendly work environment may have an even harder time, but here's how they can find work.

This is What a Great Anti-Sexual Assault PSA Looks Like

The University of Arizona recently published a PSA on how men can actively engage in sexual assault prevention on college campuses, and it's actually great!

Marathon Manhunt: Boston Celebrates Suspect's Capture — and That's Totally OK

We all gain closure in different ways. To condemn Bostonians' celebration, after the suspected Marathon bomber was captured, is to also dismiss their trauma and tragedy.

What is FEMEN? Post-Soviet "Sextremism," Not American Feminism

While their tactics grab headlines and provoke controversy, FEMEN’s style of feminist activism should be called what the Ukrainian activists themselves call it: sextremism.