Anna D Weill
Anna D Weill

Russell Brand BBC Interview Teaches Americans a Lesson On Questioning Authority

Russell Brand's recent interview with the BBC is worth 10 minutes of your time. Is a revolution the only way to solve the issues arising from social inequality and political hierarchy?


Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Comes Into Conflict With Ramadan Daylight Fast

When Guantanamo Bay prisoners refused to eat, they surrendered their right to choose when to eat, Ramadan or not.

Why This Memoir On Bipolar Disorder Should Definitely Be On Your Summer Reading List

If you're one of the thousands of people fighting a similar battle to Jamison's Bipolar I Disorder or another psychological disorder, you may find comfort in her words.

Edward Snowden Interview: Is He a Hero Or a Hack?

Snowden spilled the NSA's secrets. But was he just acting self-righteously? It is time we decide if we are willing to risk lives for the privacy of a phone-call.

Deutsche Bahn Drones: Are Omnipresent Drones Actually a Good Thing?

There's no reason to let the military equipment rust in the shadows of uncertainty. And Germany's doing something about it. Graffiti artists, look out for flying surveillance!

Memorial Day 2013: Jersey Shore Reopens After Hurricane Sandy's Devastation

This Memorial Day, remember the fighters that did not wear uniforms or train in the military. Remember them for being brave and selfless people, the heroes of Hurricane Sandy.

We Have the Power (and Responsibility) to Prevent Eating Disorders in Future Generations

It's time to plant a healthy self image in young children ... and it is your responsibility to do it.

The 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Ever Show Some Serious Problems With the Millennials Generation

The top 5 most viewed videos have a lot to tell us about this generation's interests ... and its quite disappointing.

How to Deal With Failure in College, And Come Out Stronger

College is first and foremost a place of disillusionment. On the upside, though, the disillusionment gives way to a remarkable clarity of mind.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Gitmo Inmates Starve to Make Their Voices Heard

Guantanamo Bay detainees are on hunger strike, and gaining momentum. But are they achieving their goal? Will anyone listen?