This Watch Will Change How You Tell Time

Telling time has always been a challenge for the blind, but a new timepiece created by Eone can help everyone, sighted or not.

Glenn Beck Wears a Condom Glove to Mock MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry's Tampon Earrings

This sounds too ridiculous to be true but thank god our media scene is ridiculous enough. I guess Beck really wanted to prove a point, but a point that is not really relevant.

Elizabeth Warren Schools CNBC On Banking, CNBC Tries to Cover It Up

After CNBC Anchors are smacked down by Senator Elizabeth Warren on banking regulation history, CNBC pulls the video. This will only making the internet more interested in what Warren had to say.

Do Catholics Really Have Better Sex?

The Family Research Council thinks so. But is their claim justified or are they shooting blanks?

Genetic Treatment For Down Syndrome Discovered!

And the same "chromosome treatment" technology can be used to cure other genetic disorders as well. Go science!

If Jenny McCarthy Talks About Vaccines On "The View," Children Will Be Hurt

The View has every right to hire McCarthy as a co-host. But does it really want to take on the responsibility of spreading dangerous misinformation and fueling a disproved public health scare?


Bob McDonnell is Corrupt and Should Resign

Not using political office for personal financial gain is a pretty low bar to miss ... and McDonnell flew under it.

Bill Lee: Sanford Police Chief Actually Helped Trayvon Martin

But the politics of the situation led to an early end of Lee's career. As Zimmerman's trial comes to an end, Lee should be thanked for helping secure justice for Trayvon and his family.

Watch Eliot Spitzer Sputter About His "Motivations" For Hiring Prostitutes

Watch the interview and see for yourself. Spitzer might not be ready to publicly confront his scandal.

Eliot Spitzer Tears Up Discussing His "Pain" After His Sex Scandal

The former New York governor is now running for New York City comptroller. Are voters ready to give him a second chance? After Clinton, Sanford, and Weiner, the answer is probably yes.

Immigration Reform and Student Loans: Congress is Failing At What We Elected Them to Do

... but we elected it to be that way. Can Congress work hard and fast to be what we always imagined it'd be?


Ex-Gay Pride Month: No One's Discriminating Against Ex-Gays, Or the Family Research Council

The Family Research Council announced the creation of an "Ex-Gay Pride Month". I guess some people are still a bit bitter.

Edward Snowden: Will Europe Grant Him Asylum to Get Back at the U.S.?

Probably not. But it does strain U.S.-EU relations considerably amidst important trade talks between the economic powerhouses.

Dear Congress, Whatever Happened to Children Are Our Future?

Congress has failed to keep student loan interest rates from doubling, possibly causing further strain on an already burdened millennial.

Newtown Shooting: Six Months Later, Where's Gun Control?

Friday marks the six-month anniversary of the tragic Newtown shootings and our nation has little show on how we plan on preventing such a tragedy from happening again.

Walmart Jobs: Walmart's Terrible New Hiring Practices Hurt Its 1.3 Million Employees

In an unusual move, Walmart is hiring many temp workers outside the holiday season. Could this be another sinister plot cut costs at the cost of the company's 1.3 million employees?

Lindsay Mills: Edward Snowden Abandons Girlfriend in NSA Scandal Aftermath

Edward Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills gives insight through her digital outlets on how this NSA leak has changed their relationship forever.

Rand Paul PRISM: He's Playing the Blame Obama Game, When He is Also to Blame

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went on CBS This Morning Tuesday to argue against PRISM and blame the president for having too much power. But Rand and his Congressional colleagues are also to blame.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Was the British Government Spying On Your Emails, Too?

The U.K. has been implicated in using PRISM to gather intelligence, which seems to violate information laws restricting unwarranted information gathering.

Xi Jinping: Dismal Chinese Economic Numbers Challenge Its New Leadership

New economic data on China shows that recovery is poor and that China's economic growth momentum is slowing. Can the new Chinese leadership under President Xi Jinping create long-term growth?