Meghan Darcy
Meghan Darcy

Canada Flooding 2013: Calgary and Southern Alberta Get Hit With the Worst Floods In Years

Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta has been hit with massive flooding, showing the rest of the world the resilience and cooperative spirit that Canadians possess.

Bill C-11: Canadian Pirates Are Walking the Plank, But It's Not Exactly a Terrifying Drop

A case going before the courts regarding illegal file sharing may set precedent for litigation of those who like to download illegally, but bill C-11 means damages will be limited to $5000 max.

Prime Minister Harper: Twitter Users Call For His Resignation

Victoria Day has unofficially been rechristened #pmharpermustresign on Twitter with hordes of Canadians voicing their displeasure in 142 characters.

David Beckham Retires: What It Means For the US Soccer and the MLS

“There's arguably not a soccer fan on this planet that doesn't know the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer, and David played a significant role in helping us make that happen."

300 Steamy Love Letters Detailing a World War II Affair Make Their Internet Debut

An affair between a handsome doctor and the sweet nurse he fell in love with during World War II is revealed through letters found by their daughter after the mother's death.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Know Why the U.S. Will Approve It? 35 Billion Dollar Bills

Environmental concerns aside, $35 billion in lost "crack spread" is the reason the U.S. will almost certainly approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Cannes Film Festival 2013: 8 Awesome Things to Do There

Cannes is known for its glamour and ritz, so what should you do if you find yourself on the Cote D'Azur mid-May without your yacht and premiere tickets?

Dare Magazine: Awesome College Student Launches Mag For Plus Sized Women

The fashion industry is saturated with size 2 models, so Diana Di Poce has started a magazine hoping to help the average woman find clothes she can actually wear.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Buried: By Refusing Him to Be Buried, the U.S. Is Showing Its Barbarism

The accused Boston marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has been lying in a Worcester funeral home since May 1 because towns and cities are refusing to allow him to be buried on their land.

Does Canada Deserve the Public Shaming It Just Received At the UN?

When countries with bad reputations for human rights violations come to mind, I think of North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia … but Canada?

Emily Lindin: 11-Year Old 'Slut' Journal Published On Tumblr

When Emily Lindin was 11-years-old, she was called a slut. In hopes of helping hordes of girls currently experiencing slut-shaming, she has been releasing her un-edited journal on Tumblr.