Jesse Merkel
Jesse Merkel

Jesse currently works as a Content Engineer for HubShout, LLC. In the past, he wrote about the political scene in his hometown of Rochester, NY for Prior to becoming a writer, Jesse worked as a professional guitarist and private music instructor for over seven and a half years, while also volunteering on several local and national political campaigns. These days, Jesse enjoys writing about music, movies and pop culture, and is a die hard Trekker.

March 19, 2013

The Millennial Generation Needs to Lighten Up

Millennials are largely humorless, and if they want to make any meaningful contributions to the world, the first thing they need to do is stop taking themselves so seriously.

March 13, 2013

10 Characters That Need to Be in the New 'Star Wars' Trilogy

The table is set for an incredibly epic "Star Wars" trilogy, if the right characters are used. Here are 10 characters, old and new, that should be in the new movies!
Feb. 28, 2013

'Star Trek: Starfinder': Review Of Pilot Episode 'The Back Of Beyond'

The first episode includes a mix of interesting characters and references to other series. Whether you love audio books, the radio, or a good story, you'll enjoy 'Star Trek: Starfinder.'
Feb. 8, 2013

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoiler: Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan

Did Entertainment Weekly accidentally reveal the biggest movie mystery of the year or are we all falling for another one of J.J. Abram's famous misleads?
Feb. 6, 2013

'Dear Mr. Watterson': An Interview With the Director Behind the Upcoming 'Calvin and Hobbes' Documentary

Millions of Americans who grew up reading (and loving) Bill Watterson's comic strip 'Calvin and Hobbes' get another chance to relive their childhoods with the upcoming film 'Dear Mr. Watterson.'
Feb. 4, 2013

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl Preview: 30-Second Spot is Action Packed

The short 'Star Trek Into Darkness' preview at the 2013 Super Bowl reveals more about the upcoming movie than the actual trailer. Fans should expect a blockbuster.

Jan. 24, 2013

Man Of Steel Movie Nabs PG-13 Rating While Rumors Of New Villains Surface

'Man of Steel' is approaching faster than a speeding bullet. Armed with a PG-13 rating and the possibility of new characters, are in for an absolute thrill ride on June 14.
Jan. 22, 2013

Opie And Anthony: The 11 Most Outrageous Moments of America's Best Talk Radio Show

Think you hear shocking and funny talk shows on terrestrial radio? You haven't heard anything until you've heard Opie and Anthony, the most popular show in the history of satellite radio.
Jan. 22, 2013

Will Deep Space Industries Pull a Facebook, or Will They Work With Other Companies

Deep Space Industries readies the first of what would be a new mining fleet. Will they work with other entities, or try to go it alone?
Jan. 7, 2013

'Star Trek: Starfinder': A New Audio Series For Die Hard Trekkers

A new 'Star Trek' audio series, 'Star Trek: Starfinder,' is fast approaching. An interview with the two creative masterminds behind the series let's Trekkers know what they can look forward to.
Dec. 31, 2012

5 Directors That Could Successfully Helm Star Wars Episode 7

Now that George Lucas is (mercifully) out of the picture, who should be tapped to right the aging franchise.

Dec. 19, 2012

Adam Lanza: His Motives May Never Be Known

Sometimes the most heartbreaking crimes are not the ones that we have answers to, but the ones for which there is no explanation.
Dec. 14, 2012

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Extended Trailer: A Look At All the Spoilers in the 9 Minute Trailer

The prologue preview of the upcoming "Star Trek Into Darkness" is fast approaching. Here is what we can expect, and what we hope to see from this amazing sneak peek!
Dec. 7, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve Have Arrived

The teaser trailer for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has officially hit. While details are still shrouded in mystery the Japanese and American trailers do offer a glimmer of what's to come.
Dec. 5, 2012

9 Female Blues Guitarists Who Will Blow You Away

Still believe the blues is a man's world? You'd be surprised. Thank your local record company promoter for keeping these amazing talents out of the public eye.
Dec. 3, 2012

Gay Marriage Should be Addressed by SCOTUS, and Championed by Republicans

The Republican Party should reclaim its title as the champion of civil rights by coming out in support of gay marriage.

Nov. 28, 2012

Lady Gaga and John Mayer: Popular Musicians Are Serious Artists Too

Think someone at the top of the charts can't be underrated? Think again.
Nov. 21, 2012

Susan Rice is the Wrong Choice to Replace Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

Whether he knows it or not, President Obama can do a lot better than Ambassador Susan Rice when it comes to appointing a new Secretary of State.
Nov. 16, 2012

Benghazi Cover Up: Petraeus Says CIA Knew it Was Terror Attack, White House Edited Talking Points

Former CIA head David Petraeus today testified before congress that the reports he gave to the White House about the 9/11 Benghazi attack were altered by the White House.
Nov. 13, 2012

Ann Coulter Silenced: Speaking Invitation Revoked By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious Victory For Political Correctness

The Fordham University College Republicans capitulated to pressure from around the campus, canceling their speaking invite to Ann Coulter. Way to go, cowards!