Christian Holub
Christian Holub

Does Journalism Still Value the Truth?

In our over-opinionated world of 24/7 cable networks and blogs, sometimes one has to wonder.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Why the Movie Broke Records, Despite James Eagan Holmes

Coming in with a record $161 million, the newest Batman movie proved resilient despite the Colorado tragedy.

'Django Unchained' Trailer Reveals Latest From Quentin Tarantino Will Not Be Inglourious Basterds Part II

Is Django Unchained just going to be Inglorious Basterds with slavery (this time, plantation owners and KKK members instead of Nazis)?

'The Dark Knight Rises' Will be the Best Batman Movie Yet

The new trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' shows Christian Bale and Josh Gordon-Levitt pulling out all the stops. The final dark knight movie, looks like it will be epic.

Birther Donald Trump Campaigning For Romney Means Election 2012 Will Only Get Dumber

Despite everyone’s predictions and intentions, this presidential race is going to be about much more than just the economy

Why Has Batman Endured For 73 Years in American Pop Culture?

Batman is now 73 years old. That old age is a result of the character's timeless brand of coolness and an ability to change with the times.


How the Hunger Games Explains This Year's Low College Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rates have once again dropped across the board at America's colleges, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's getting more competitive. We could just be applying to too many schools.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Twitter

Twitter is becoming more and more important to 21st century daily life each day. Here's how to get the most out of it.

Kony 2012 Movie and the Perils of Social Media 'Group Think'

“Groupthink” is a psychological term for a group of people’s tendency to agree on a consensus decision without considering alternative ideas.

Occupy Wall Street: Time to Protest the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Occupy protestors should go to campaign events to remind candidates that we still have a long way to go on economic reform if we’re serious about preserving the American Dream.

The Dark Knight Rises: Should OWS Occupy Bruce Wayne's Mansion?

Can Americans simultaneously attack Wall Street executives and adore millionaire Bruce Wayne? Batman is an example of what rich people should try to do with their wealth.


Americans Elect Wins If Donald Trump Runs For President

Donald Trump recently revived rumors of a possible run for the presidency, this time as an independent candidate for the Americans Elect website. He can't win, but he's promoting a good cause.