Tim Rosenberger
Tim Rosenberger

Watch This Teenager School Educators On the Dangers Of Common Core

The education system has much to learn from its students.


Will Growing Marijuana Ever Be a Legitimate Profession?

Some farmers are already treating weed like it's a business. Now the government just needs to get out of the way.

The Internet is Making Mormons Turn on Their Faith

The more some Mormons learn about the church's history, the less confident they feel in the church's moral authority. Church leaders, to their credit, are confronting these doubts head-on.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings: Conservatives Have Learned to Love Marriage Equality

Young Republicans are part of a larger movement of conservatives embracing marriage equality. It is because, not in spite, of traditional values, that these voters are supporting gay marriage.

Samantha Power UN Ambassador: Is She Too Fiery to Be Obama's UN Ambassador?

President Obama's fiery choice for UN ambassador has the intellectual heft to be a great diplomat, but with her history of incendiary statements, she raises problems for both parties

Mike Jeffries Abercrombie & Fitch: Why the Embattled CEO is Awesome

Finding objectively beautiful people is just smart business.


IRS Scandal: Are Republicans Falling On Their Own Sword?

Nope. Republicans can only benefit from making the IRS Scandal a bigger issue.

Does God Exist? How Religion and Science Are Actually in Agreement

Are Christians backward, are scientists godless, or are science and religion intertwined and complimentary?

Immigration Reform 2013: Why the GOP is Cracking Down the Middle

Republicans are motivated by more than politics as the infighting over immigration continues.

2014 Budget: How Republicans Can Win the Politics Of the Budget Debate

For Republicans, appearing willing to compromise is far more politically important than actually reaching an agreement on the budget.

National Day Of Prayer 2013: Why Americans Should Embrace It

While America celebrates its freedom of religion, it also has a long tradition of turning to God to ask for guidance and blessings.