Hannah Loewentheil
Hannah Loewentheil

9 Travel Movies That Will Make Every 20-Something Want to Quit Their Day Job

While days drag on in the office, it's hard not to fantasize about taking a quick break from reality. These nine travel movies will make every young worker green with envy.

6 Haunted Houses That Will Completely Traumatize You

Looking for some terror this Halloween season? We've got you covered with these six haunted houses.

7 Things College Seniors Are Sick of Hearing From Their Parents

School is back in session! In honor of the start of academic year, here are seven pieces of parental advice that make college seniors cringe.

'Wadjda' Movie Review: A Message Of Hope For Saudi Arabian Women

A look at 'Wadjda,' the award-winning film by Haifaa Al-Mansour; Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker.

VMA Nominees 2013: 6 Biggest Music Videos Of the Year

MTV announced the nominees for the 2013 Video Music Awards this morning. Here are the six songs up for the most nominations on August 25.

Russian Olympics Could Pose a Danger to Gay Athletes and Tourists

A claim by a co-sponsor of Russia's anti-gay law casts doubt on the International Olympic Committee's claim that the law will not affect the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Cuckoo's Calling: Rowling Donates Her Royalties to Charity

Rather than relish in the success of her new novel, J.K Rowling has pledged to donate the global revenue to The Soldiers' Charity.

Want to Feel Insulted, Ladies? The "Hey Fattie" App is For You

Have you found all the traditional weight-loss methods unsuccessful? Try the new app, "Hey Fattie," and let these "hot" anime men insult you until you shed the pounds.

The McDonald's Wage War is a Question Of Human Rights

Unable to live on their hourly pay, fast-food workers around the country are picketing for an increase of the minimum wage. McDonald's, in particular, can afford to pay its workers more.

Dunkin' Donuts Cashes In On the Cronut Craze

For months, Ansel's world-famous cronut has occupied the news as the most coveted and elusive treat in NYC and possibly the world. Now, Dunkin' Donuts is introducing its take on the treat.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Hosting the Oscars, and the Backlash Has Already Begun

The Academy's selection of Ellen DeGeneres as the 2014 Oscars host has incited criticism. Critics say DeGeneres is way too safe; bring on the MacFarlane celebrity shame game.

Yale's Sexual Assault Policies Highlight An Educational System in Need Of Reform

Yale recently reported that it punishes "nonconsensual sex" with a "written reprimand." The revelation makes it clear that campuses need to do a lot more to protect students from rape.

'Sharknado' Will Be in Theaters August 2

Certainly one of the biggest and most bizarre fads of the summer, Syfy's made for TV movie, "Sharknado" is hitting the big screen on August 2.

'Asian Girlz' Video: You Will Never See A More Racist And Offensive Video Than This

The video for Day Above Ground's new single "Asian Girlz," will undoubtedly be the most offensive and distasteful music video you've ever seen. Ever.

The 6 Most Successful Woody Allen Movies

Blue Jasmine, which premiered this weekend, gave director Woody Allen his biggest opening average to date. But could the new drama overtake Allen's previous top six grossing films?

Denzel Washington Makes Guarantees, Lots and Lots Of Guarantees

A super-cut for the ages. An actor for the pantheon. Ladies and gentlemen, Denzel Washington makes you a boat-load of guarantees.

Your Period Should Never Involve Running Through Fields in White Yoga Pants

HelloFlo's recent advertisement and Bodyform's viral video both provide a comedic and honest way to talk about menstruation – finally.

Can You Guess Where In The World People Are Binge Drinking The Most?

While Europeans drink alcohol the most frequently than people in other nations, Americans tend to drink more excessively. Take a look at the countries where binge drinking is most prevalent.

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Brings Mother Monster Back With a Whole New Look

After months out of the spotlight, Lady Gaga has revealed the artwork for her upcoming single, "Applause," and unveiled a new look that echoes the energy and color of her new album.

'First Comes Love' Documents What Happens When a Single Woman Has a Baby

In her documentary, "First Comes Love," Nina Davenport proves that the traditional road to parenting -- falling in love, getting married and beginning a family -- is no longer the only option.