Melissa Malski
Melissa Malski

The BRAIN Initiative: Over-hyped or Undervalued?

Government officials address concerns about President Obama's Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative.

Feeling Sad? Here's Why CNN May Be to Blame

24/7 broadcast news does not provide a return on its investment. In the fleeting moments that make up your life, don’t waste them on CNN.

The Real Reason Why We Love Boy Bands

The mechanisms underlying our love of music may explain why boy bands have had such staying power.

The Reason You Should Be Thankful If You're Absentminded

We forget most experiences from everyday life, but forgetting may actually be a good thing.

Another Study Proves What We Already Know — You Need Your Eight Hours Every Night

A new study shows that sleep boosts the production of myelin, cells crucial in brain support and repair.

This Study Confirms Everything You Suspected About Facebook

Social media is hurting our ability to connect with each other. Instead of telling stories, we live in a world of constant "updates." A new study shows the trend is bad for you and me.


Depression Physically Changes Your Brain, Scientists Discover

Researchers found an expected change and reaction in the brains of healthy people after electrical stimulation, but not in the depressed. Have they finally proved depression changes the brain?

ME ME ME Generation: Stop Blaming Millennials, We Kick Ass

The kids are indeed all right. We’re not afraid, we’re not doomed. Maybe it’s just everyone else’s fear and anxiety about us failing that’s making our successes so hard to see.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Bipolar: This May, Let's Rethink Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Use this time to think about and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Consider mental illness a brain disorder.

3 Reasons Neanderthals Are Really to Blame For Global Warming

Blame the denizens of 21st-century Earth for global warming all you want, but humanity's impact on the environment goes back. Way, way back.

Japanese Researchers Develop Computer Program To Read Your Dreams

What's the stuff that dreams are made of? Who knows, but Japanese researchers have designed a computer program to analyze it anyway.