Alexandra Ma
Alexandra Ma

14 Scary Photos Putin Doesn't Want You to See Before the Sochi Olympics

The glitz of the upcoming Sochi Olympics still can't hide Russia's shady human rights record.


5 Big Human Rights Battles to Track in 2014

2013 was a big year for human rights, but here are 5 big battles to pay attention to next year.

Why Young Cambodian Girls Are Being Sold Into Sex Slavery, and How We Stop It

The tourism industry you haven't heard about.

What I Say to Anyone Who Thinks Millennials Are Disengaged

We millennials are a lot more socially conscious than we get credit for.

6 Reasons Every Student Should Consider Taking a Gap Year

Instead of writing your college apps right now, why not consider a gap year?


IPCC Climate Change Report: There's More to It Than You Think

The IPCC climate change report was meant to be a milestone in our scientific understanding of "global warming." But, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Germany Welcomes Syrian Refugees, But Check Out How It Treats Immigrants

Last week, Germany's Humanitarian Assistance Programme offered to 5,000 Syrian refugees the right to stay in the country. A great program in theory, but how well will they really be treated?

Rebekah Brooks Trial: 9 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

As the Rebekah Brooks trial begins on Monday, here's a recap of an issue that has seriously tarnished the reputation of British journalism.

What the French Could Learn From These 2,000 Swedish Women

Swedish women of various faiths posted photos of themselves wearing headscarves in solidarity with a Muslim woman who was attacked for wearing a hijab. The French could learn something from them.

The Absurd Ramadan Ban in China is Going to Seriously Backfire on Beijing

The Chinese government has banned Ramadan for the Muslim Uighurs of Xinjiang, China. It's going to seriously backfire.

Why the Middle East is Beating Out the World in Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Thirty-five percent of tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East are women, as opposed to 10% internationally. Here are a few reasons why.

Royal Baby 2013: £50,000 in Taxpayer Money is Being Spent On What?!

The UK is spending £50,000 ($74,522) of taxpayers' money to issue "lucky pennies" to those giving birth on the same day as William and Kate. Given the current economic climate, is it worth it?

David Petraeus Makes $150k to Teach Once a Week, While You Drown in Student Debt

CUNY is going to pay David Petraeus $150k to teach once a week. Is this why college is so expensive? Is it worth it?

Supreme Court DOMA Reaction: The Family Research Council's Social Media Skills Are About As Bad As You'd Expect

Following SCOTUS' ruling on the unconstitutionality of DOMA, the Family Research Council has launched a double-entendre-ridden ad campaign against it.

McCullen v. Coakley: Abortion Is Heading to the Supreme Court Again

SCOTUS has agreed to hear out a challenge from anti-abortion activists regarding their freedom of speech outside abortion clinics, and it is unclear which way SCOTUS will sway this time.


Ken Mehlman Gay Marriage: Will Gay Marriage Ever Become Part Of the GOP Agenda?

Introducing Ken Mehlman, an openly gay Republican who is on a mission to introduce same-sex marriage to the Republican agenda.

Claire McCaskill: Missouri Senator Launches a Noble War On Sexual Assault — At the Wrong Target

While Senator Claire McCaskill's efforts to protect sexual assault victims in the armed forces should be applauded, her hold on Susan Helms' nomination should not.

Carie Charlesworth: Why Did a Catholic School Fire a Teacher For Having an Abusive Ex-Husband?

A second-grade schoolteacher was fired solely because she was victim of domestic violence, showing that there is still much to be done to support domestic violence victims.

Father's Day 2013: 7 Worst Movie and TV Dads Of All Time

In light of Father's Day this weekend, here is my list of the seven worst movie and TV dads of all time, in no particular order.