Isabel Constantin
Isabel Constantin

7 Most Ignorant Things GOP Politicians Have Said About Rape

The Grand Old Party isn't to grand to victims of rape.

'Girl Code' TV Show: Is 'Girl Code' Helping Or Hurting Young Girls?

MTV's new show "Girl Code" promotes "Mean Girls"-esque behavior among young girls.

Sean Hannity: Fox News Show Descends Into a Childish Discussion Of "MILF"s

Fox News has a hard time staying on topic.

Fox News Spent Less Than 20 Minutes Covering One Of This Year's Biggest Stories

Why did Fox News spend less than twenty minutes covering the U.S. military's sexual assault epidemic?

Trump Rape Tweet: It's Part Of the Problem

After the Pentagon released a report on sexual assault in the military, Donald Trump tweeted his two cents. Those two cents? Incredibly offensive.

Jason Collins Coming Out: Athlete Receives Questionable Feedback On Confession

NBA Washington Wizards player is openly gay and feedback implies that he should have stayed quiet.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Reveals That Times Square Was the Next Target

One of the Boston Marathon bombers in custody admits that he had plans with his brother to attack Times Square, New York, in an unwanted sequel the original attack.

Is Kansas About to Ban Abortion Completely?

Pro-choice advocates claim that a new bill is preparing Kansas legislators to outlaw abortion.