Brian Tam
Brian Tam

300 Economists Sign Petition to Legalize Marijuana

I am not a firm advocate of its legalization, but I do believe that everyone is guaranteed a reasonable right to freely exercise their personal desires for recreation without restraint.


Survey Says Millennial Generation Doesn't Care About the Environment

There is a widespread refusal amongst millennials to recognize the world's problems, including environmental issues.

Voter ID Laws Study: Voter Fraud Even Rarer Than The Odds of Winning Mega Millions

The actual threat of voter fraud is minimal, while the impact of voter ID laws can disenfranchise an entire group of minority voters.

Eating Disorders Is A Growing Problem Amongst Males, With 1 Million Afflicted

About 1 million men now struggle with eating disorder as many strive for unobtainable perfection.

Sarah Palin Movie: 'Game Change' is Unrealistic and Offensive

Game Change is not a film about politics, but rather a poorly engineered sob story. Palin is cast in an unflattering light, portrayed as unqualified and personally unprepared for national office.

TED Talks Hurt the Free Flow of Ideas

Although TED events certainly have the potential to inspire others, it has become more of an institution of recognition rather than a channel for innovation. More voices are being silenced.

What the Academy Awards 2012 Can Teach Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and the Supreme Court

The Academy Awards can provide some insight into the flaws of America's political system and the measures that can be taken to revise it.

Are Millennials Screwed? No, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Will Lead a Recovery

Millennials are called the “Lost Generation” because more individuals are now struggling to find work, but young entrepreneurs will use technology to innovate and recover.

On President's Day, Abraham Lincoln Honored With Movie of Him Fighting a War ... Against Vampires

America's 16th president is now also a vampire hunter?

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Initiative to Combat Childhood Obesity Falls Short

Michelle Obama's initiatives have alleviated the problem of child obesity, but address only half the problem. She must focus on getting kids off the couch and out on the field.

Ron Paul Will Win Maine, Mitt Romney's Momentum Will Diminish

Paul will be the favored to win because of all the candidates, he has concentrated the most time and money on this state and has already gathered an army of supporters.


Sarah Palin Should Retire From Politics, Stop Being Newt Gingrich's Wingwoman

Sarah Palin has shown support for Newt Gingrich, but she does not have the expertise or the likeability factor to make a difference in another candidate's campaign or administration.

On the Anniversary of Gandhi's Assassination, Fighting Terrorism in India-Pakistan A Major Concern

With aid from other countries and a stronger police force, India will quell terrorism and return to its former state of peace under Gandhi.

Chinese New Year Should Be A Public Holiday, But It'll Never Happen

A Chinese New Year holiday would benefit Asian families, but any law mandating it will never pass.

SOPA and PIPA Help Eliminate Online Piracy, But Dangerously Slow Innovation

Censorship is never the answer. Freedom of speech and expression are necessary cornerstones of our society, and extinguishing these would only stunt intellectual progress.

Ron Paul Allies Make Border-Line Racist Jabs at Jon Huntsman, "The Manchurian Candidate"

Paul supporters make sweeping generalizations about Huntsman's background in a new ad, a commercial that is too extreme.


East vs. West: President Hu Jintao Leads China's Culture War

China's president should not cut the country off from the cultural influence of the West.