Anne-Louise Brittain
Anne-Louise Brittain

'The Nose' is a Hilarious Opera About, Well, A Nose

A new production of 'The Nose' proves that opera can be delightfully entertaining and comical in the ironic way most appealing to millennials. No stuffy elitism here.

Why Artsy Will Soon Be Every Teacher's Best Friend

Artsy Education is poised to radicalize arts education across the country.

This Artist Got Her First Camera at Age 48 — And Then Revolutionized Photography

Julia Margaret Cameron received her first camera at age 48, and became one of the most innovative photographers of her day. There's hope for us all.

This Brain-Teasing MoMa Exhibit Will Challenge Your Reality

Contextualizing René Magritte within his own early oeuvre, the new exhibit at the MoMA will appeal to puzzle lovers and those only somewhat familiar with the artist.

Public Works: How 200 New Yorkers and 1 Stage Captured the Essence of a City

Not satisfied with providing free Shakespeare productions for fifty years, The Public Theater has involved over 200 New Yorkers in an extraordinary new project: Public Works.

New York City's Public Art Doesn't Care What You Think of It

Public art in New York City is constantly in flux; because New Yorkers can't come to a consensus, the city has found away to cut their opinions out of the equation.

4 Quirky Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit Before They Die

Explore these elegant, thoughtful spaces before dishing out your next twenty to see yet another arrangement of Kandinsky paintings at the Guggenheim.

James Turrell's Guggenheim Exhibit Makes Frank Lloyd Wright Irrelevant

James Turrell's 'Aten Reign' doesn't just recast Frank Lloyd Wright's classic architecture — it ignores it.