Nate Abrams
Nate Abrams

March on Washington 2013: 50 Years Later, We Still Haven't Fully Integrated America

Though America has come a long way since that day on the Washington Mall, the hardest tasks of integration remain to be tackled.

A Letter to Black People: I Understand Why You're Mad About Racism, But ...

Though white people in this nation get a bad rap on race relations, the history of white involvement in civil rights has not been all bad.

A Letter to White People: I Know You're Not Racist, But ...

Dear White People of America. I know you weren't taught to be racists. But if fear of black men leads you to defend killers, I'm not sure that matters much.

Elbert Guillory: GOP Language On Race Shapes How Minorities See the Party

Why do minorities tend to vote Democratic? It all has to do with the language that Republicans use.

Walmart Protest March: Strikes Will Succeed Where the March Against Monsanto Failed

This week’s protests against corporate giant Walmart have the potential to create change in ways that the March Against Monsanto did not. Why? It’s all about the corporate reputation.

Obama Morehouse Speech: If Obama Speaks Down to Black America, Black America Should Speak Up

Critcism of Obama's speech to Morehouse graduates may be overlooking the fact that black Americans need to speak more themselves and rely less on celebrities to define us.

6 Lessons On Fostering Good Discussions On PolicyMic

Every Policymicer wants to enable good discussion. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

A Black, Southern Country Fan’s Reaction to Brad Paisley’s "Accidental Racist"

Though "Accidental Racist" is a clumsy attempt, Paisley deserves credit for tackling the display of a racist imagery in a song.

Soda Sales Drop to 17-Year Low: How Will the Industry Respond?

Soda sales fell to its lowest point since 1996. Does this spell disaster for soda giants?

Nothing Will Solve McDonald's Millennial Problem

McDonald's is trying to appeal to millennials with cheaper products, but members of Gen Y want fresh, healthy food, and the company's maligned image will always turn off young people.

Asteroid Mining: Who Owns the Rights to Valuable Space Ore?

Like space itself, property rights for celestial bodies are an unknown frontier. Just who owns all these asteroids that are the targets of space miners?

There's a Good Reason Minorities Distrust the GOP

The GOP knows it has a minority problem. What it doesn't know is that their minority problem is really a power problem.

Keystone XL Pipeline Might Still Happen Despite Obama Opposition

A draft bill in the Senate may soon give them the authority to approve the controversial pipeline.

Genetically Modified Food: Can It Help Fight the Obesity Crisis?

Non-profit work on GMO crops shows promise for fighting obesity in America and malnutrition in the developing world.

Solar Power Could Bring Power Generation to Your Backyard (Or On Your Roof)

In the near future, you might be wondering where all those smoky power plants went: we'll all be generating and selling our own power.

The Science Behind Your (Likely) Addiction to Junk Food

Food companies have purposely engineered junk foods to be addictive. How does the addiction work, what are the consequences, and what can we do about it?

Do Prizes For Technology Development Really Spur Innovation?

Technology development prizes spur exciting breakthroughs. But are they really effective in creating beneficial technologies?

Bowman v. Monsanto SCOTUS Case: The Death Of Copyrights and Patents?

As 3D printing technologies start to become the norm, how will corporations who have a lot at stake adapt and evolve?

What Isn't On Food Labels is Just As Misleading As What's On Them

Current FDA-mandated food labels aren't clear, truthful, or informative enough to be helpful. What isn't on them may be worse for you than what is.

SmartWatches Apple: Company Rumored to Be Creating Them

Apple is reportedly developing smartwatches, which could appeal to iPhone-loving millennials despite our generation's lack of interest in wrist watches.